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There is a lot of "buzz" about the Common Core Standards, especially now that NY State has enacted testing based on these standards. This has prompted a key question from many members of our community- How are these standards impacting the curriculum in Bedford's schools? This page serves as a collection of responses to this question, and explanations of how the Common Core is playing out in specific ways. The resources on this site will grow over time, so please check back. Have a recommendation? Please email us.

June 2015 Updates

Update on Algebra & Geometry Common Core Regents Exams

Further resources to help explain the Common Core in more detail

EdWeek article Common-Core Algebra Seen as Tougher

In short, standards help inform our curriculum, but do not define it. Standards are written as descriptions of what students should know and be able to do by the end of each year of school. The CCLS define these understandings (know) and skills (do) as benchmarks of college- and career-readiness. Our curriculum may best be described as HOW we intend to work with students to achieve these understandings and skills. This learning is typically organized into units of study that engage students in specific tasks and activities that foster the development of new understandings and skills progressively with an aim of achieving or exceeding the standards.

To view a presentation on the standards, and our curriculum, please go here and click on "Curriculum, Planning & Assessments"

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New York State officially adopted the Common Core Learning Standards on January 11, 2011. The standards are written for grades Pre-K through 12 in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. The timeline for implementing the NYS CCLS in ELA and Math is outlined below:
  • 2010-11- Schools used existing NYS Standards (NOT the CCLS).
  • 2011-12- Schools began aligning units of instruction to the CCLS; assessments were based on the old NYS Standards.
  • 2012-14- CCLS fully implemented, and state assessments will be based on these standards.
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