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Curriculum In Bedford

Our curriculum is developed locally and collaboratively by teachers and leaders. Curriculum decisions are made following the guidelines of our Curriculum Cycle, and we use learning standards as a starting point for our work. Thus, the NYS Learning Standards, as well as standards from discipline-specific professional organizations, inform the choices we make as a district. Please visit the links below by clicking on an icon, or scroll down to learn more. 

K-5 Programs

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Reports and Evaluations

The following list provides a link to the NYS website that posts the curriculum frameworks currently adopted for each discipline area: 

More about our curriculum...

The curriculum in Bedford is organized according to our grade level groupings: elementary (K-5), middle level (6-8), and commencement level (i.e., high school, 9-12).  Fox Lane High School provides students with a variety of courses that can be found in its course guide that is located on the high school’s guidance webpage.

Annually, the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction presents the State of the Curriculum, a report that details the status of the work being done in each academic area, including which areas are due for a program evaluation, or are in the process of revision. This report is collaboratively developed through surveys and/or dialog with teachers, ECTs, department coordinators, administrators, students and parents, and the work is overseen by the Curriculum Council. Click on the Curriculum Council link on the left-hand menu to learn more about the process.


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Strong Foundations

The BCSD is committed to establishing a strong foundation for its learners. There is extensive research that supports the critical importance of education during the early and formative years.  Parents play an important role in this work.  The following resources can support parents in their efforts:

Bedford provides a Kindergarten Handbook to the families of all incoming children, along with a thorough orientation.

The elementary curriculum, which aligns with the NYS Learning Standards, is supported by such programs as Math in Focus, Science 21, and the district’s commitment to providing language arts via a balanced literacy approach. 

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