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Mr. John A.Chambers                                                                                            
Interim Superintendent of Schools


November 6, 2015        


To Bedford Central Schools Families and Friends, Staff and Students,


With the Board of Education’s announcement that I will serve as Interim Superintendent of Schools comes my promise to do all I can to serve and support Bedford students, families, staff and community.  As your long-time neighbor, I am so full of respect for the District’s mission, people, and accomplishments that I wish my own grandchildren could be Bedford students.  I am, therefore, honored to take on this leadership role.


Experience has taught me how quickly a school year flies by, but also how important every day is to every student.  It was, therefore, heartening to see how the Board of Education is approaching this transition in leadership:

Thanks to eight years of Dr. Hochman’s exceptionally strong leadership, our teachers, staff and administration are well-positioned to carry on the critical work of educating our students for their futures. A smooth transition, and continued academic progress for each and every child in the district during this process are our top priorities.


Those priorities will be mine as well, every day of this school year. 


With your help, we can build a bridge toward the arrival of Dr. Hochman’s long-term successor. From November 19 to June 30, I will be looking for chances to see students and teachers in action, and for conversations with staff, students, and community members.  While some of those interactions will be built into events and schedules, I hope you will help by stepping forward informally to say hello, and to tell me what must be sustained and passed on, in the best interests of the young people who are our sacred trust.


With respect,

John A. Chambers

Interim Superintendent of Schools