Board of Ed

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2013-2014 Goals

In order to provide the highest levels of student achievement and sound fiscal management, the Bedford Central Board of Education endeavors to …

Support the BCSD’s overarching goals and major initiatives to promote student success and manage district resources in a safe and secure environment

Align and interlock with the District’s major initiatives for the 2013-2014 school year                

Provide prudent governance and financial stewardship

Adopt a fiscally responsible 2014-2015 budget that maintains high quality student programming and is mindful of the community’s financial support


Identify potential innovative financial approaches and long term planning to facilitate the delivery of high caliber student programming with minimal cuts to staff and programs

Oversee effective and thoughtful implementation of required educational initiatives, assuring they best support BCSD students and staff, and align with the District’s educational goals

Enhance professional development and learning for Board of Education members, utilizing self-evaluation tools, protocols training, team development workshops, Board Learning tours and regional workshops

Lead with vision for our students, staff, facilities and community

Put forth a capital plan referendum in October 2013

Facilitate work in conjunction with fellow school districts and parent groups to educate and promote grassroots, regional, and state legislative and advocacy efforts

Develop district policy and position statements related to issues in public education

Cultivate ongoing two-way communication and engagement with the public

 Consider some form of community surveys and focus groups to help the District envision its future and prioritize its resources

Analyze the potential for a BCSD website redesign to further reinforce the district’s commitment to transparency and sharing information.

Continue two-way communications with the public on topics of community interest (including testing and assessment, district rankings, and topics from citizen advisory groups)

Refocus efforts of citizen advisory committees to align with District best practices