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Advisory Committees

Community Advisory Committee Information:  Board advisory committees are charged with providing advice when the Board reviews policy, resolutions, and direction on a particular topic or district function. At the meeting on August 10, 2016, it is expected that the Board of Education will discuss and reauthorize Community Advisory Committees for the 2016-2017 school. In addition, the Board is expected to outline the charge for any advisory committees.  Thereafter, an 'All Call' will be communicated to the community seeking applicants for the committees.

When any district advisory committees is developed, we strive to get a broad representation from across our district and our community; however that is to get varied perspectives, not to enlist individuals as representatives.  All members on committees will participate as individuals and not be expected to speak for or officially represent the opinions of any specific group or affiliation.

2015-2016 Committees:

Budget Advisory Committee after seven years of generating critical and essential questions, advice, and research to the Board and the community, the Budget Advisory committee continued with a more focused agenda on the budget development process, assumptions that guide the budget process, an analysis of district revenues and expenditures, and variables in and scenarios of the multi-year plan.  Meetings occurred on Monday evenings (7pm to 9pm) approximately once a month.

Student Achievement Advisory Committee A District advisory committee concentrating on learning and achievement  offered advice on an array of topics including but not limited to: learning: guiding principles of learning and student achievement; testing and assessment: standardized testing; types and frequency of local tests and assessments; use of external tests as benchmarks of local student, school and district achievement; emphasis of assessment and testing with respect to time devoted to tested and non-tested content; test preparation; curriculum: guiding principles, processes, depth and breadth of the Bedford Central curriculum; achievement and engagement: experiences and data to benchmark student achievement and academic engagement; communicating Success: benchmarking and communicating success: emphasis placed on rankings by national, state, and local publications; means of measuring and communicating student progress, growth, and point-in-time achievement; and means of communicating student(s) learning; mandates and policy: understanding federal and state policies and reforms.

Space and Enrollment Advisory CommitteeA Board advisory committee was formed to study available space, enrollment and demographic trends across the District. The objective was to develop a plan, with options, to effectively and efficiently maximize space utilization that is aligned with the guiding principles and the educational mission and programs of the school district.