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Advisory Committees

June 2013


Dear Bedford Central Community:


At the end of each school year, we announce an "ALL CALL" for new members to serve on the subsequent year's citizens' advisory committees.   In September, the Board approvees the appointments to these committees. 


If you are a member of the community who possesses interest, experience, expertise and a willingness to volunteer to serve on one of these advisory committees, please consider applying. We have designed a committee application to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.  Applicants will need to indicate for which committee they are applying directly on the application.  To assist you in determining for which committee you may want to be considered, please read the committee descriptions below.  Community members who have been appointed to these committees in previous years are welcome to continue serving - please just let your chairperson of your committee know.


The Board of Education has established the purpose, charge, overarching goals, and reporting format for each committee as well as annual topics for review.  Appointment to the committees will be made by the Board and Administration with consideration to representation from all elementary school attendance areas and schools, and with representation of parents and community members.  


            Sincerely,                                                                     Sincerely,

Jere Hochman                                                              Susan Elion Wollin

Superintendent of Schools                                            President, Board of Education



Citizens Advisory Committees to the Board of Education:[(Ed. Law 4402;4601; 8 NYCRR 135.3(2)]


Ø            Budget Advisory Committee (Click here for the committee page): 

            ·               Learn about the budget development process and major components of the district budget.

·               Provide insights and pose questions to assist in developing the annual budget.

·               Clarify budget questions for the public, and insure that a sound rationale and explanation is provided for all components of the budget. 

·               Option to select component topics for in-depth review annually. 

·               Meets approximately once per month during the school year (either early mornings or evenings).


Ø            Key Communicators (click here for committee page): 

·               Parent representatives from each school who are eager to keep abreast of classroom and school events and activities. 

·               “Communicators” will be trained to develop releases of information for district and community awareness and to ensure we are recognizing our student and school accomplishments. 

·               Participate in one training session in the fall.

·               Meets two to four times as a district committee during the day over the course of the year. 


Ø           District Health Council: 

·               Serve as a resource for implementing Policy #5405 Wellness.

·               Meets approximately six times during the year in the late afternoon.


Ø            Sustainability Committee (click here for committee page): 

·               To develop, implement and assess both a short term and long term sustainability plan; potential areas for consideration will include curriculum, waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, alternative energy source exploration, and school food.

·               Meets the second Tuesday of the month. 


Ø               Facility Advisory Committee  - To be organized at a later date

·         Based upon the work of the Capital Projects Committee, the Board of Education and Administration, a capital plan has been approved by the Board and will go before the voters on October 22, 2013.  Pending the outcome of the vote, this committee would advise on capital projects.

·         Please note there are a limited number of positions on this committee.

·         Members of the community will be appointed through an application process for the designated available seats.

·         Meet schedule to be determined

Ø         Curriculum Council    

  • Reviews and shepards the four stage curriculum cycle



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