Board of Ed

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Advisory Committees

Citizens Advisory Committees to the Board of Education:[(Ed. Law 4402;4601; 8 NYCRR 135.3(2)]

Audit Committee:  The mission of the audit committee will be to ensure the District’s fiscal accountability by providing independent assistance to the Board of Education in the oversight of the external and internal audits. This is a legally required committee.

Budget Advisory Committee Meets approximately once per month during the budget development season from approximately December to February in the evening to help provide insights and to pose questions to assist with the budget development process.

Construction Steering Committee: Attend biweekly  meetings with District architects, construction managers, school administrators and representatives of the Board during ongoing facilities planning and actual construction to provide oversight. 

District Health Council:  Serves as a resource for implementing Policy #5405 Wellness.   Meets approximately six times during the year in the late afternoon. This is a standing district committee.

Districtwide School Safety Team: (Ed.Law §2801, §2B; 8 NYCRR Part 155; Policy #2210; #8130)          Serve as the district-wide school safety team (Policy #8130);  Responsible for the review of district safety issues and for the development and review of a comprehensive district-wide school safety plan, which includes all those elements required by law and regulationMeets approximately eight times during the school year in the afternoon.  This is a standing district committee.