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Budget and Financial Information

2015-2016 Budget Development Information

To review all relevant 2015-16 budget development reports, please click here.

2014-2015 Budget

To review the approved 2014-15 budget and other relevant budget development reports, please click here.

The Bedford Central School District Voters approved the budget for the 2014-2015 school year at the annual meeting on May 20th. 

Based on budget goals, guiding principles, and budget guidelines, this budget retains all programs for students, class size average targets, and student activities.  There are staffing cuts of some positions and cuts to non-staff materials and services not directly related to instruction.


As in previous years, this budget is the six consecutive budget with a tax levy lower than 2% or below the “tax” cap since it was instituted.  The tax levy increase for this budget is 1.41% and the budget to budget increase is 1.15%. 


Please click the link above and then click the FOLDER link to 2014-2015 Budget development.  All presentations and reports from the most recent to those beginning in January are listed.  The budget “snapshot” is a brief overview of bottom line information.  The April 9 revised budget is a code by code review of the budget.  Other documents are working drafts preceding the adoption of the budget.


In addition, reports about every district department are listed below the budget presentations.  Additional district information can be found in our “Bedford by the Numbers” report and our “School and District Profile.”  Please click here to access these reports.

Please click here for prior year's budget development and preparation information.