Fox Lane Middle School

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Bug Biology  -  Investigate and study insects here.

Chem4Kids  -  Elements and the periodic table.

Department of Energy  -  Energy information for kids including glossaries, energy sources, a home energy audit and more.

Flash Earth  -  Satellite and aerial imagery of the earth.

How Stuff Works  -  Easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works.  All topics are covered to demystify the world in a clear-cut way.

LiveScience  -  Science, technology, health and environmental news.

Measurement/Unit Conversions  -  Find out how to convert measurements of all kinds: weight, volume, temperature, size, distance. etc.

National Geographic for Kids  -  Animals, nature, stories and facts.

National Weather Service  -  Weather from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Nature Wages War  -   Resources for students about earthquakes and tsunamis.

Nepal Earthquake Links - Primary sources and other reference materials, April 2015

NSTA -  Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12

Periodic Table of the Elements  -  Periodic table  -   authoritative US government science information including research and development results. is governed by the interagency alliance.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum  -  The National Air and Space Museum commemorates our aviation and space heritage, educates the public, and inspires new generations of dreamers.

U.S. Geological Survey  -  earthquake information here.  -  National and local weather forecast, radar, map and report.

Why Files  -  Well-researched, educational descriptions of the actual science behind current news stories.