West Patent Elementary School

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About Us


Opened in November of 1970, West Patent was the creation of a visionary group of teachers, administrators, and community members wishing to design a school environment representing the very best of educational philosophy. Committed to the idea that the physical nature of a school building exerts a strong influence on those who work within its walls, the attributes of line, space, light and color were effectively utilized to create an atmosphere which now, over 30 years later, continues to invite students, staff and parents to participate together in the excitement of learning.

West Patent Elementary School is snuggled into 44 wooded acres among horse farms, stone walls, and elegant homes in northern Westchester County's Bedford, New York. Although the one-floor, totally accessible building is physically isolated from nearby towns and is protected by trees and shrubs of all types, the environment inside the building represents all of life's diversity, enthusiasm, and challenge. Since West Patent draws its diverse population from different areas, the school has worked and continues to work diligently to create and maintain a community of its own. West Patent truly exemplifies the slogan, "We're Partners in an Excellent School."

Our Vision

We envision West Patent Elementary School providing an environment which builds the foundation for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to academic excellence, inspiring creativity, and the realization of one's full potential through equal access to educational opportunities for all students.

Our school fosters the development of positive interpersonal relationships and self-esteem within a safe and secure environment.


Our school is a place where all are treated with mutual respect and empathy, encouraged to act responsibly, and contribute in their own way as valued members of the community.


Our Belief


We believe that all children can learn in a culturally rich and academically meaningful environment which embraces individual learning styles and provides authentic assessment to ensure maximum growth and personal development.