• Fox Lane High School Philosophy Statement


    Fox Lane High School strives to be a community of learners where full human development and adaptability to change are the primary goals. We seek to foster theses traits in a humane and caring climate in which diversity is respected. We are committed to nurturing responsibility, respect for individual rights, and active participation in community life as the necessary basis for a democratic society. In this endeavor, we encourage all members of the Fox Lane community to make choices, to share in decision-making and to accept consequences. We are determined to create a school where individuals feel both a sense of identity and of community in an environment of trust, confidence, justice, and open, honest communication.

    Fox Lane is committed to helping students to use their minds well: to think critically, creatively, and independently. A liberal arts and sciences core serves as the basis of the curriculum. It is necessary for students to accomplish purposeful work which is relevant to their lives and the challenges which confront them.

    Teachers will encourage their students to develop an appreciation both for the individual disciplines and for the interconnected, interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and of the world. Students must continue to recognize, understand and appreciate our global community. Awareness of modern technological advances, environmental concerns and cultural diversity are integral to the academic process. The Fox Lane High School, in seeking to do its best for all its students, will provide experiences that are rich and that will help the individual advance toward maturity.

    Statement of Goals of Fox Lane High School

    • To teach students that the primary responsibility for learning lies with the student.
    • To convince students that self-discipline is necessary for successful personal, social, and intellectual growth.
    • To recognize that each of us has a responsibility to demonstrate respect, tolerance and care toward all members of this diverse community.
    • To encourage participation in the learning process from all members of the community including parents, teachers, students, and business.
    • To provide a variety of learning environments and opportunities including interdisciplinary involvement.
    • To encourage students to accept challenges that expand the limits of their capabilities.
    • To develop a variety of modes for evaluating student progress. These   assessments could include such things as exhibitions, portfolios, oral presentations,    graphic presentations, and multimedia formats in addition to the more traditional written assessments.
    • To provide adequate equipment to support learning in today's society. In this process students will be introduced to various forms of contemporary technology.
    • To make the students aware of career choices, the process of seeking employment, and the methods of finding information relevant to their careers and interests.
    • To teach students the value of service to our local, national, and international communities.