Theater Specifications

  • Capacity:

    Maximum capacity 647
    615 fixed seats
    2 wheelchair spaces
    Additional seats may be removed for additional wheelchairs

    Stage Size:

    Proscenium: 16'H x 34'W
    Trimmed opening approx. 28'W


    Maximum height of flys: 31'
    Pipe length: 42'
    16 Mechanical counterweight fly lines (3 with electrics)                                                               

    4 Pinrail sandbag fly lines                                                                                            


    Soft Goods:

    1 Rouge Traveller (Main Drape)
    1 Black traveller (midstage)
    3 Pairs black legs

    3 Black borders

    1 White seamless cyc

    Dressing Rooms:

    Approx. 460 square foot Green room 

    Separate men's and women's dressing rooms


    Lighting Equipment:

    ETC Ion Console with 2x20 Fader Wing

    Unison Architectural System (House lights)
    164 20A stage dimmers
    10 20A house dimmers

    32            19deg ETC Source 4’s (FOH)
    16            26deg ETC Source 4’s (FOH)            
    14            36deg ETC Source 4’s
     4             26deg ETC Source 4 Barrels
     4             36deg ETC Source 4 Barrels
     1             50deg ETC Source 4 Barrel

     8             100w Spectra Cyc    RGBA 
    12            SlimPAR Pro QZ12   RGBA

    10            500w MFL Par 64's
      2            Lycian ZOT Jr. LED Follow Spots


    Sound Equipment :

    Behringer X32 Digital Mixing Console

    12            Direct mic feeds from stage (6 each side of proscenium)

    4              Direct mic feeds from lighting catwalk in house


    Central Sound Cluster

    2                        Mid-high horns

    3                        15" woofers

    Side Stereo speakers

    2              Yorkville 3 way powered speakers



    5              Shure SM-58 handheld microphone 
    2              Audio Technica PRO 37 R

    6              Sennheiser ME66 Shotguns

                  3              Crown PCC 160 (Floor Mics)

                  6              Audio Technica 4000 series wireless lavaliers

                  6              Audio Technica AEW-T4100 wireless handhelds


                  1              Denon CD/ USB Player