Administrative Team

  • Fox Lane High School We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the Fox Lane High School Administrative Team. It is our mission to service our students, families, and staff, so we may provide the best educational experience possible for each and every student at FLHS.

    Dr. Jennifer Amos


    Jason Spector

    Assistant Principal



    Ana Piquero

    Assistant Principal



    Kristy Emery

    Assistant Principal





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Fox Lane High School Curricular Program Overview

  • In two simple words, the high school program at Fox Lane can be described as broad and deep. We have something for everyone!

    This includes:
    AP Programs and Concurrent Enrollment [College Credit] in addition to specialty areas like Music and Art. Fox Lane High School offers many rigorous courses beginning with English 1 Honors, Global History Honors, and Geometry Honors in 9th grade. As a sophomore, students can challenge themselves by taking English 2 Honors, AP World History, Algebra 2 Trig Honors, and Chemistry Honors. Junior year offers additional courses like English 3 Honors, AP English Language, AP US History, Precalculus Honors, and AP Spanish Language (Native Speakers only). As seniors, Student will have an even wider array choices in many disciplines. English 4 Honors, Society Literature Truth, AP English Literature, Government Honors, Economics Honors – SLT, Public Affairs Honors, Economics Honors, AP Euro History, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Computer Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Environmental Science, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Lit (Native Speakers only), AP French, and AP Italian.



    Athletically, our Vision and Mission state:

    Vision: We are committed to the growth of the Fox Lane student/athlete by facilitating excellence in sportsmanship, citizenship, leadership, academics and sports skills.


    Our Mission - is to provide the Fox Lane student/athlete with the opportunity to positively represent their school and community in a wide range of quality programs.

    Fox Lane has an in-depth athletic program that gives students a broad array of opportunity. Our teams and individual athletes have received regional and state recognition. Many of our student-athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. Furthermore, our athletic program is tightly connected to our health and physical education program which encourages students at every level of the athletic spectrum and development.



    In summary, what is special about Fox Lane is that our high school community embraces the whole child and respects the diversity of our student population in giving every student a voice and a place of participation. If by chance there is not a niche for a student, we will make one!