Middle School Art

  • FLMS Unified Arts Program

    At the middle school, Unified Arts is required of all grade 6, 7 and 8 students. Unified Arts is a team-taught, interdisciplinary approach to art, home and careers, and technology. The curriculum is organized around three major theme units: 6th grade Drawing for Communication, 7th grade Design, and 8th grade Problem Solving. Sixth graders are immersed in one quarter of drawing,including freehand, perspective, figure, mechanical, and computer-aided drawing. Seventh graders learn the elements and principles of design and their application. Eighth graders use the problem solving process and higher-level creative thinking skills to tackle complex art and design problems.

    The theme units are taught the first quarter of the year, and technique units related to the theme are taught in subsequent quarters. After-school enrichment activities include: Art Club, Clay Club, 8th grade Honors Art, and theatrical set construction/painting for the Spring Musical.

    Gina Keidong, Visual Art

    David Llanos, Visual Art

    Allison Glass, Applied Design

    Carl Kohler, Coordinator, Unified Arts, Technology & Engineering

    Tim Pribanich, Technology & Engineering