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    Science and Technology Department Directory 
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      Paul Frisch 241-6043 Department Coordinator, AP Environmental Science
      Andrea Abt 241-6087 ESOL Specialist
      Jim Doller 241-6097 Physics
      Chris Dossena 241-6097 Living Environment
      Jelena Dossena 241-6097 Earth Science, Meteorology/Astronomy
      Hillary Dowling 241-6097 Living Environment, AP Biology
      Sherry Dudeck 241-6097 Chemistry, Forensic Science
      Inga Garbarino 241-6097 Earth Science, Engineering
      Matt Hillis 241-6097 Living Environment
      Karen Hoferichter 241-6097 Learning Specialist
      Lynn Lynch 241-6097 Living Environment
      Jerry Ludwig 241-6097 Physics, AP Physics
      Dan Mulvey 241-6097 Forensic Science, Bioethics
      Fred Neumann 241-6097 AP Chemistry, Engineering
      Chris O'Gorman 241-6097 Living Environment, Chemistry in the Community 
      Amy Pirro 241-6097 Science Research
      Mary Piccirella 241-6033 Lab Assistant
      Sean Pope 241-6166 Technology/Engineering
      Charles Partellow 241-6097 Computer Science
      Debi Schmutzer 241-6097 Chemistry
      Debbi Stewart  666-3257 Hillside Program, Living Environment
      Sal Tatto 241-6097 Physics
      Kristin Woodell 241-6097 Earth Science, Geology