• Bedford Hills Elementary School Enrichment Programs, 2018-2019








    September 28



     Little Hawk


    Little Hawk is a Mohawk who tells the story of the Iroquois Confederacy.  Students will learn about the Long House and learn to perform a variety of Native American dances.



    October 3



    As a companion piece to their field trip to SoundWaters (Oct. 2), students will learn more about basic Long Island Sound geography, water types and habitats.  This is followed by a hands-on opportunity to interact with multiple species that use Long Island Sound as their home—including the horseshoe crab, the oyster toadfish and the Diamondback terrapin.  Students will be able to observe the differences and similarities in structure and function, with an emphasis on feeding characteristics and how these animals are able to meet their basic needs.



    October 17


    The Story Pirates: Idea Storm


    The famous Story Pirates drop anchor at BHES with the first of two assemblies.  The Idea Storm is a creative writing master class, a hilarious improv show and a pep rally, all in one.  Story Pirates teaching artists and performers take suggestions from the audience to create stories on the spot, while helping students identify key elements of composition and narrative structure, such as plot, character, obstacles and resolution.  With an emphasis on creative problem-solving and non-violent conflict resolution, the Idea Storm leaves students with the tools to start writing and the excitement to let their imaginations take the lead.  In the following weeks, students will be invited to write stories and submit them for the next assembly: The New Story Show (Dec. 5).




    October 18



    Westmoreland Sanctuary: Fall Nature Walk

    A naturalist from Westmoreland Sanctuary will guide our second-graders on a nature walk—right in Bedford Hills Elementary’s own backyard.  They’ll get a close and unexpected look at the world around them—and learn how everything (plants, trees, animals and more) adapts at the onset of autumn. 


    November 14

    K and 1

    The Puppet Company

    He’s back!  After a year’s absence, everyone’s favorite emcee—Al E. Gator—returns with his famous marionette variety show.  Our kindergarteners and first-graders will ooh and ahh as gnomes bounce on see-saws, skeletons dance, and Rocket the Roller Skater shows off his moves in a magical, musical tour through the world of puppetry. 


    December 5



    The Story Pirates: New Story Show

    Arrgh!  The Story Pirates return to BHES to perform sketches inspired by the writing of our very own students!  Performed alongside a few of their “greatest hits” stories, this shows celebrates the words and ideas of all of our student authors.



    December 10-14



    African Dancing and Drumming


    In conjunction with their unit on Africa, third-graders will participate in a five-day residency with dancer/choreographer Marion Archer.  They will learn about the many cultures of Africa, as Ms. Archer explains the origins of their various dances, drumming routines and stories.  At the end of the residency, students will perform the dance and drumming stories for the school and their families.



    January 10


    Westmoreland Sanctuary: Animal Kingdoms

    Our kindergartners will explore the diversity of animal life as they are introduced to a selection of animals from the Nature Center of Westmoreland Sanctuary.  The program will focus on the key traits of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals and the importance of species and habitat conservation.  Students will have the opportunity to touch the animals to develop respect and appreciation for various species.



     January 29



    The New York Chinese Cultural Center: Chinese Acrobatics and Dance


    As part of their study of China, our third-graders will be treated to this interactive program, showcasing one of the world’s oldest performing arts.  Fully-costumed performers from the New York Chinese Cultural Center will perform the Lion Dance, juggle plates and more.  With special bonus presentation “Power and Strength.”



    January 31


    Dr. Rob Aufrichtig, DDS

    Open wide!  To kick off Dental Health Month, Dr. Aufrichtig will visit our kindergartners and discuss how best to keep those pearly whites sparkling with a fun, yet thorough, dental routine.  Each student will leave with a little bag of dental goodies to get them excited about keeping their teeth clean!




    February 1



    High Touch High Tech: The Shadow Knows


    In each High Touch High Tech program, a scientist will visit each class for 60-90 minutes, engaging students in non-stop, hands-on learning.  In The Shadow Knows, our first-graders will learn all about shadows—how they form and how they can teach us about the motion of the sun.  They will also get to build their very own working sundial.



    February 4


    High Touch High Tech: Finally Fun Machines

    Students will figure out how simple machines do complicated jobs.  They will lift their teacher with a lever, show off their strength with pulleys, and much more.


    February 27

    K and 1

    The New York Hall of Science: StarLab

    The New York Hall of Science’s inflatable planetarium comes to BHES.  Students will step inside and find themselves within arm’s reach of the night sky—learning about stars, constellations, mythologies and more.


    March 1


    Colonial Day

    Dressed in Colonial costume, educator Sam Ladley (“The Colonial Man”) describes life in Colonial times with demonstrations of Colonial artifacts.  Following an assembly for the entire grade, he then visits each class to give students an opportunity to write with quill pens and make hand-dipped candles.

    Colonial Day

    Dressed in Colonial costume, educator Sam Ladley (“The Colonial Man”) describes life in Colonial times with demonstrations of Colonial artifacts.  Following an assembly for the entire grade, he then visits each class to give students an opportunity to write with quill pens and make hand-dipped candles.

    March 6


    High Touch High Tech: Nutrition Mission

    Students will learn all about food groups.  They will test for starch and fat, make “butter,” and behold the power of vitamins.  Ultimately, they will learn how to make healthy choices about the foods they eat.



    March 13




    New Canaan Nature Center: Plantastics


    What do plants eat?  How is a plant like a food factory?  How do plants protect themselves?  Students will learn the answers to these and other questions by seeing, touching and smelling plants.


    March 21


    Colleen Carroll: How Artists See

    Colleen Carroll, author of the critically-acclaimed How Artist See children’s book series, will discuss her books and guide students through the process of looking at and talking about works of art, many of which will be studied during the fifth grade’s artist biography project.



    April 8


    Westmoreland Sanctuary: Spring Nature Walk

    Second-graders will return to the world that they explored in the fall.  Our naturalist guide will explain how everything has changed…and keeps changing…in the spring…



     April 8



    High Touch High Tech: Edison’s Workshop

    With the guidance of our guest scientist, students will explore the amazing world of electricity.  They will learn what’s “current” as they make circuits with bells and light bulbs.  They will become “energized” as they learn about batteries and build their own electroscope.


    May 6


    High Touch High Tech: Smarty Plants

    Students will discover how plants make food and oxygen.  They will learn how plants transport water as they turn a carnation blue.  They will read tree rings, study germination, and more.


    May 13


    High Touch High Tech: Gene’s Print Shop

    We all leave prints behind!  Students will learn about fingertip patterns, inherited traits and genetically-unique DNA.  They’ll even make DNA they can eat!


    May 14


    High Touch High Tech: Dig It!

    Fourth-graders will uncover the mysteries of geology.  They will learn about gems, rocks and minerals and how the Earth makes them.  They will pan for real gems (that they can keep!)—and learn why they are so precious.


    May 20


    Dinosaurs Rock

    Dinosaurs Rock turns our school into a museum!  Students will get to see and touch a variety of museum-quality dinosaur fossils—and other prehistoric items—ranging from 10,000 to over 500 million years old…including the nine-foot leg of an Ice Age Mammoth, genuine dinosaur eggs, dinosaur footprints and more!


    May 24

    K and 3

    The Amazing World of Butterflies

    Students will enjoy the tremendous beauty and variety of the butterfly world—and the natural world in general—by observing spectacular displays of tropical rainforest butterflies and moths from the three major tropical rainforest regions.  Butterflies in the South and Central American displays were collected by the presenter during his numerous expeditions.  Tropical rainforest climate and geography, the differences between butterflies and moths, and many other topics will be explored.


    May 24


    High Touch High Tech: Force of Habit

    Second-graders will push and pull their way through the natural forces of gravity, friction and magnetism.  They will feel how these start, stop and accelerate everything around us.




    June 10



    High Touch High Tech: Water, Water Everywhere



    Welcome to the water cycle.  Students will follow water as it evaporates, condenses, freezes and circulates—and, in the process, shapes the earth and sustains life.   They will purify water using distillation and filtration.





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