Committees & Programs

  • WPESA welcomes any time you may have for volunteering.  Volunteers are still needed in a variety of areas to ensure a successful and fun year.   Please contact the Chairperson of each of these programs directly. 



    2019-20 Chairperson



    Steering Committee:
     Chairperson  Bridget McNamee
     Communications Coordinator  Priscella Williams
     Fundraising Coordinator  Jen Coleman
     Fundraising Coordinator  Christy McGinn
     Educational Services Coordinator  Audrey Weiner
     Educational Services Coordinator   
     Faculty Representative  Anne Marie Galloway

     After School Activities  Chair:Lindsey Friedell

    Back to School Family Social

    Chairs: Alaina Mazzuca

    Therese Herrero

    Angela Sullivan


    Basketball Bash  


    Chair: Jen Coleman

    Book Fair (Fall) Chairs: Katherine Rosen / Alexis Cambareri / Amelia Massuti

    Book Fair (Spring)

    Chairs: Katherine Rosen / Alexis Cambareri / Amelia Massuti

    Box Tops


    Class Parent Coordinator

    Chair: Meara Valenzuela

    Coin Drive

    Chairs:  Stephanie Chiafari


    End of Year Social

    Chairs: Christy McGinn

    Enrichment Coordinators:


    Schoolwide: Audrey Weiner


    1st Grade: Samantha Mann

    2nd Grade: Alicia Hoffman

    3rd Grade: Angela Sullivan

    4th Grade: Jane Lash

    5th Grade: Tamara Newell

    Family Fun Night

    Co-Chairs: Alyson Stone 

    & Nancy Hopkins

    Field Day T-Shirts Chair: Alexis Cambareri

    Fifth Grade Coordinator

    Chairs: Tamara Newell

    & Audrey Weiner

    Halloween Social Co-Chairs: Christy McGinn 
    & Rebecca Sotherdon

    Kindergarten Bus Ride


    Kindergarten Screening

    Chairs: Alaina Mazzuca

    Learning Garden

    Co-Chairs: Nadia Ghannam

    Mother’s/Father’s Day Boutiques

    Co-Chairs: Alexis Cambareri / Jen Coleman

    New Student Buddy Co-Chairs: Andrea Spolanksy

    Pancake Breakfast

    Chair: Business Ads ***

    Tributes: Bridget McNamee

    Chairs (Auction/Raffle): Amanda Greene

    Fundraising Sale Steering Chair:  Christy McGinn

    School Pictures

    Chair: Bridget McNamee

    School Supplies

    Chair: Alicia Hoffman

    Science Fair

    Co-Chairs: Audrey Weiner

    & Aparna Prabhakar

    Spirit Wear Chair: Tamara Newell

    Staff Appreciation Lunch


    Valentine’s Carnation Sale

    Chairs: Alexis Camarery & Faye de Muyshodt


    Steering Chair: Priscills Williams


    Chair: Stephanie Rosenthal 

    West Patent Directory

    Co-Chairs:Judy Futterman 

    Yearbook/Bulletin Board

    Chairs: Jodi Kimmel & Bridget McNamee