Committees & Programs

  • WPESA welcomes any time you may have for volunteering.  Volunteers are still needed in a variety of areas to ensure a successful and fun year.   Please contact the Chairperson of each of these programs directly. 


    After School Activities   *CHAIRPERSON NEEDED
    Beautification - Outside/Gardening   Nato Cambareri
    Beautification - Decor for back to school, etc.      
    Book Fair (Fall)   Christie Sasso, Samantha Mann, Katasha Harley, Zeynep Seref
    Book Fair (Spring)   Christie Sasso
    Box Tops    
    Bus Driver Appreciation Week   Dena Stefanopouos
    Carnations   Alexis Cambareri, Faye deMuyshondt
    Class Parent Coordinator   Valentina Cardile
    Coin Drive   Devin Maduras
    End of Year Social   Christy McGinn, Kristin Porteus
    Enrichment Coordinators
      Christie Sasso
      K - Lindsey Friedel & Jessica Rosenthal
      1 -Alison Porcelli
      2 - Faye de Muyshondt
      3 -Alison Porcelli
      4 - Jessica Nable
      5 - Faye de Muyshondt
    Family Fun Night   Alyson Stone
    Field Day T-Shirts   Alexis Cambareri
    Fifth Grade Coordinator   Christy McGinn
    Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat   Christy McGinn, Becky Sotherden, Dena Stefanopoulos
    Kindergarten Screening   Erin Hayes, Valentina Cardile, Stephanie Chiafari
    Learning Garden   WPES Enrichment Team
    School Pictures/Yearbook  

    Karen Lee-Oakey


    School Supplies   Francine Lobo
    STEAM Fair   Sam Mann and Audrey Weiner
    Spirit Wear   Erin Hayes
    Staff Appreciation Lunch   Alison Porcelli, Rachel Roosevelt-Reyes, Dena Stefanopoulos
    Valentine’s Carnation Sale   Faye de Muyshodt and Alexis Cambareri
    Web Chairperson    
    Wellness Night   Christie Sasso
        Katasha Harley
    West Patent Directory   Valentina Cardile
    Read-a-thon   Nicole Woodard Brown, Jen Coleman, Katasha Harley
    Fun Run   Erin Hayes, Bridget Bilmes
    Parent's Gala   Christy McGinn
    Playground   Kate Delatizky, Alison Porcelli, Erin Hayes, Bridget Bilmes
    Teacher Appreciation Week   Rachel Roosevelt Reyes, Faye de Muyshondt, Erin Hayes