Learning Garden


    The mission of the WPES Garden Committee, by collaborating with West Patent Elementary School, WPESA and the Bedford Central School District, is to support the use of the West Patent Learning Garden as an educational tool to provide a systems-thinking experience, weaving sustainability into the curricula, by encouraging students to connect with and respect their world in an open, hands-on, student-centered environment.  Our goal is to use the act of growing food as a lens for students to develop a healthy curiosity of the interaction between humankind and the natural world.
    It is vital for students to understand the lesson of the commons: the thoughtful and sustainable use of resources.
    We believe the sheer simplicity of nurturing a seed is a powerful tool for future leaders, empowering them with perspective about sustainable solutions and alternatives to tomorrow's problems.
    During the school year, students gain hands-on experience with a wide range of gardening concepts.  Students will explore different areas of composting, sprouting, plant life and environmental studies through individual and group work.  In addition, collaboration between disciplines is essential, if not crucial.  There are many areas where the Learning Garden intersects with other subjects such as science, math, literature and art. As educators and parents, we should incorporate them and in effect enhance the overall curriculum.

    For more information, or to find out how you can help with the WPES Learning Garden, please contact Denise Connolly.