• THANK YOU for volunteering.  Without your help, it would not be possible to offer many WPESA events and programs.  Here are the some forms that you may need throughout the year.  As always, the WPESA Board of Directors is here to help you with anything that you need; just ask and we will work on it together.
    Check Request Form
    Submit this Check Request Form to be reimbursed for expenditures associated with your event. Please submit all forms, along with bills and receipts (or copies of) in a timely manner to treasurerwpesa@gmail.com
    Tax Exempt Form
    WPESA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and qualifies for tax-exempt status.  Please make sure to show the our Tax Exempt Form so your WPESA-related purchases can be exempt from sales tax.
    Use of Facilities
    BCSD allows for WPESA to use its facilities at no cost pending the event does not interfere with any school function.  To request use of a space within West Patent, visit the Use of Facilities page to print and complete the required forms.  Also review the Building Security Guidelines for access restrictions.
    In exchange for waiving the facility use fees, community organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are invited to perform community service for the school where the troop has its meetings.  Refer to Scout Troop Facility Use Form for further details.


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