• The District’s Student Achievement Advisory Committee (“SAAC”) is charged by the Board of Education with providing input and insight to the CIA (Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment) Board Subcommittee related to curriculum, instruction, assessment, and student achievement. Such topics include:  Learning: guiding principles of learning and student achievement; Testing and Assessment: standardized testing; types and frequency of local tests and assessments; use of external tests as benchmarks of local student, school and district achievement; emphasis of assessment and testing with respect to time devoted to tested and non-tested content; test preparation; Curriculum: guiding principles of curriculum and development of such, consideration of the depth and breadth of the Bedford Central curriculum, taking into consideration required standards and assessments; Achievement and Engagement: experiences and data to benchmark student achievement and academic engagement; Communicating Success: benchmarking and communicating success with emphasis placed on rankings by national, state, and local publications; means of measuring and communicating student progress, growth, and point-in-time achievement; and means of communicating student(s) learning;  Mandates and Policy: understanding federal and state policies and reforms.  

    •  The charge for the committee this year, 2021-2022, is a focus on literacy.


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