General Information

    How do I contact the school? 

    You may contact Bedford Village Elementary School by calling 914-234-4178 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The mailing address is 45 Court Road, Bedford Village, New York 10506. The school fax number is 914-864-3493.   

    How many sections are there in each grade level? 
    For the 2019-2020 school year, the number of sections is as follows:

    Kindergarten - 2 classes

    Grade 1 - 2 classes

    Grade 2 - 3 classes

    Grade 3 - 2 classes

    Grade 4 - 2 classes

    Grade 5 - 3 classes

    SAIL I


    What is the student enrollment in the school? 
    There are approximately 275 students who attend Bedford Village Elementary School.

    When will I know who my child’s teacher will be? 
    This information will be mailed to you in mid-August.

    Does our school have a before or after-school child care program? 
    No...Bedford Village Elementary School does not have before or after school child care, however, there are many local agencies that do provide these services and the BCSD does provide transportation to these specific providers.  More information is available from our Transportation Department either on their website or by calling 914-241-6001.

    Is there a dress code? 
    There is no dress code at Bedford Village Elementary School. However, we do ask that students wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for school, recess, and the changing weather. In addition, we ask that students wear (or bring) sneakers when they have physical education. We do not allow sneakers with wheels or flip flops in school.  Please put your child’s name in all their clothing and on their lunch box. 

    Can my child bring his/her snow pants/boots to school for recess? 
    Children may bring their snow pants and boots to school. If they are prepared with this clothing and can independently put on/take off their snow apparel, they will be allowed to play in the snow during recess. Please write your child’s name on all outerwear.

    Can my child leave their snow pants/boots in their cubby? 
    Your child may leave his/her snow pants and boots in his/her cubby. However, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

    As a parent, what activities should I attend each year? 
    It is very important that parents attend Back to School Night, which takes place in September. It is also critical that parents attend the parent/teacher conferences, which occur twice a year (October and March). Parents are invited to many other events throughout the year (refer to the district calendar and notices sent home with your child or via electronic backpack), but these are the two most important events for parents to attend. BVESA meetings are also an important way to contribute to the school and learn about what is happening. 

    Will my child go on any field trips? 
    Yes, your child will go on field trips throughout the school year. The number of trips varies with each grade level. You will learn more about the field trips at Open House and from your child’s teacher.

    Can my child carry and use a cell phone in school? 
    While we do not prohibit students from bringing cell phones to school, we do discourage this practice. If students do bring cell phones to school, the cell phone must remain off and kept in their backpacks. They may not be used at any point during the school day and BVES is not responsible for lost or damaged cell phones.

    What about other personal items and electronic devices in school?  
    No hand-held electronic devices are permitted in school. In addition, trading cards of any kind are not allowed in school.

    What is the recess policy? 
    Each grade level has recess for 25 minutes per day. Please be sure your child has warm clothes, gloves, and a hat for cold weather. If there is inclement weather (rain, heavy snow, or high winds) or if the temperature is below 20 degrees (with the wind chill), students will have indoor recess. Indoor recess is when students stay indoors and participate in quiet, indoor activities such as drawing, board games, etc.

    Will I be able to volunteer in the school? 
    This varies with the needs of each teacher and the students in each class. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering.


    Admission and Registration

    When may my child begin kindergarten? Children who enter kindergarten in September must be five years of age by December 1st of that year. When you register your child for kindergarten, original proof of age is required. A birth, hospital, or baptismal certificate will be accepted. We will make a copy and return the original. All children who meet the age requirements may be enrolled in September. Parents who feel their children might not be ready for kindergarten are urged to discuss this with the principal.

    How do I register my child for school? 
    All children who are eligible to enter kindergarten in the Bedford Central School District are mailed a registration packet in February. If you do not receive a packet or are registering a child for another grade, please contact the district registrar at 914-241-6005. Completed forms need to be brought to the district registrar for approval.

    What medical requirements must students meet in order to attend school? 
    All students must have a physical examination in the year the child enters school. Most insurance companies pay/cover one healthy child visit per year.

    What immunizations should my child have? 
    Your child must have the following immunizations: 
    • 2 MMR’s (or 2 measles, 1 mumps, and 1 rubella) 
    • 4 DPT 
    • 4 Polio 
    • 3 Hep B 
    • 1 Varicella/Varivax 
    If a student has incomplete immunizations, the parent/guardian must show acceptable proof that the child is “in the process of receiving” the required immunizations. A child must have received at least one dose of each vaccine and the parent/guardian must provide the date(s) of appointments with a specified health care provider for completion of the required immunization.  The fax number for the Health Office is 914-864-3416.

    Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack

    Does my child eat snack in school? 
    The students in each grade level are asked to bring snack to school.  The children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school.

    Is there a breakfast program? 
    Yes, breakfast is available everyday beginning at. The cost for breakfast is $1.25 and the daily breakfast choices are listed on the monthly menu.  Children being dropped off for the breakfast program must report directly to the cafeteria. 

    Can my child buy lunch every day? 
    Students can bring lunch from home or purchase lunch and/or milk at school. The cost for lunch is $2.25 and the daily lunch choices are listed on the monthly menu.  Milk is also available for $.60. The monthly menu will be sent home with students and is also available on the district website.

    What is a lunch ticket? 
    Every student is issued a student ID card at the beginning of the school year. This card remains in the cafeteria and allows students to order breakfast and/or lunch without having to bring in money daily. Parents may choose to put any amount of money on the card. Easily pay for school meals at myschoolbucks.com.  Signing up is free and simple!  Get low balance alerts...pay on the go with the mobile app...sign up today! 

    What if my child has allergies? 
    Please contact the school nurse if your child has any severe allergies.  The school has peanut-free tables in the cafeteria and the students can invite friends to sit with them at the table. 


    What is the maximum class size? 
    Grades K-2 ………Class goal size of 23
    Grades 3-5 ………Class goal size of 25

    Typically, the classes are well below these numbers, ranging from 19 to 23. 

    What are specials? 
    Interspersed each day is a special area subject such as physical education, art or music. Students work with a teacher specialist in each of these areas. Students receive library instruction every other week as well as browse and check out book. Each class visits the computer lab at least once a week.

    How much homework should I expect my child to have? 
    Program demands will vary slightly from teacher to teacher. You can anticipate the approximate amount of homework as indicated below:

    Grade Level

    Homework and Reading Expectations for Students


    -      0-10  minutes on an occasional basis

    First Grade

    -      10-20  minutes on weeknights

    Second Grade

    -      20-30  minutes on weeknights

    Third Grade

    -      30-40  minutes on weeknights

    Fourth Grade

    -      40-50  minutes on weeknights

    Fifth Grade

    -      50-60 minutes on weeknights for regular assignments and 

            on weekends for occasional and long  term projects

    How often are report cards distributed? Report cards are distributed three times per year: December, March, June.

    How are report cards distributed? 
    Report cards are made available through the BCSD Parent Portal.

    How often are parent/teacher conferences scheduled? 
    Parent teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year – October and March.

    How do I communicate with my child’s teacher? 
    Please ask your child’s teacher regarding the best way to contact him/her (voice mail, e-mail, etc.) You may always call the main office and leave a message. 

    Health Services

    Is there always a nurse present at school? 
    Yes, there is always a nurse present during school hours. The nurse maintains health records for each child, administers first aid, assesses students with symptoms of illness or infection and acts as a resource for teachers.

    How often must my child submit physical examination information? 
    You must submit physical examination information in kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade.

    What should I do if my child needs to take medicine at school? 
    If your child needs to take medication at school, you should call the nurse and ask for the Permission for Medication Form. The doctor and parent must complete the form and sign it. Ask the pharmacy to label the bottle. A parent must bring in the medication and forms (children are not to carry medication in school).

    What happens if my child becomes ill or gets hurt at school? 
    Your child will go to the school nurse. The nurse will assess your child and call you if he/she needs to leave school early. It is imperative that we have a current phone and emergency contact numbers on file.

    What should I do if my child temporarily cannot participate in physical education or outdoor recess? 
    If your child cannot participate in physical education or outdoor recess, please have your physician write a note indicating the reason and length of time that your child will not be participating.

    Does the school nurse do examinations of students’ eyes and ears? 
    The school nurse completes a yearly vision examination of all students, with the exception of fourth grade students. A hearing examination is done yearly except in second and fourth grade. If you have concerns about your child’s hearing, you may contact the school nurse and request that your child be given a hearing exam.