Welcome to Mt. Kisco Elementary School!

  • A message from our principal Our Mission at Mount Kisco Elementary School 

    We build relationships with students and their families. Every child receives an excellent education while celebrating diversity and individual strengths.

    Let me tell you a little more about our school community. The foundation of our success is the professional staff that takes pride in being part of this caring, supportive, and inclusive school environment.

    We take pride in the relationships that we have with our students and their families. The home-school connection truly does everything possible to ensure that each and every child receives an excellent education while celebrating diversity and individual strengths. Our curriculum is challenging, differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students, and aligned with the New York State Standards. Every teacher strives for student learning that is enduring and engaging.

    We believe that all children have the right to an outstanding education and we make every effort to fulfill this obligation. The staff at Mount Kisco Elementary School chose to work in this school for two reasons– the children and the community. There is something incredibly special about MKES that one can only experience by actually being in the school itself. It is the spirit of family, teamwork, and the simple appreciation that one person can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child.

    MKES is a Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE) School of Choice for the Bedford Central School District. DLBE is a bilingual education program in which all academic instruction is delivered in English and Spanish. The advantages of bilingualism are widely recognized. The overall goals of DLBE are to promote:

    • High academic achievement

    • Biliteracy and bilingualism

    • A community of learners with a shared interest in cultural proficiency

    Bedford Central students in grades one through five whose home school is MKES may attend MKES should their families choose to participate in DLBE. MKES students whose parents choose not to enroll them in DLBE are provided a traditional classroom setting, either at MKES or another BCSD elementary school depending on the number of students per grade level. Families in other elementary attendance areas in Bedford Central may elect for their children to participate in this academically and culturally enriching program.


    Your Administrative Team

    Mrs. Inas Morsi-Hogans Principal - email Mrs. Morsi-Hogans

    Dr. Angelique Johnson, Assistant Principal - Ajohnson2142@bcsdny.org

    Phone: (914) 666-2677    Fax: (914) 864-3494


    Student Enrollment:  500

    Average Class Size: 20


    The elementary school day is 8:50 AM - 3:20 PM

    All elementary schools offer the breakfast program between 8:30 - 8:50 AM.

    Students enter classrooms at 8:50 AM when they begin their school day.

    Students are considered late if they arrive after 9:00 AM.


Points of Pride

    • Our 5th-grade stock market enrichment group takes a yearly trip to the NY Stock Exchange in the spring.
    • 5th graders participate in a Newbery group, during which they read several books that are being considered for the Newbery Medal. In the end, students vote for their favorite book and award it the “Roary” Medal in honor of our school mascot. Each year, the students then participate in a Roary Banquet at which they Skype with the winning author and honor recipients.

    • Multiple Mount Kisco Elementary School staff members have presented at state and national conferences for math, library media and professional development.

    • The Mount Kisco Elementary School Community Garden allows our students to attend gardening classes each year. We connected our 5th graders with the Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry so that students could learn more about where the food they grow goes.

    • We have been able to expand our emphasis on Problem-Based Learning at Mount Kisco Elementary. Teacher-generated projects focus on student inquiry to solve multiple challenges. Projects over the past few years include 5 Senses, The Perfect Backpack, Elements of Sound, Wind Energy, Simple Machines, and Trebuchets.

    • Mount Kisco Elementary School is the largest group marching in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

    • Each year our Physical Education department holds a 5K Run to raise money for enrichment projects at our school. PE teachers sponsored an after-school running club to increase participation of our minority students. We had over 20 students participate in this program and run in the annual 5K event at Fox Lane High School. One student had the fastest time of all children running the race.

    • We have an extremely involved parent association that sponsors all of our enrichment assemblies and artists in residence. Their fundraising allows for many wonderful experiences at a minimal cost to our students.

    • Our students participated in a school logo project in which they submitted ideas for a new school logo as part of rebranding our school. A committee of teachers and staff then selected the best of those ideas to create a new school logo, which was drawn by a Mt. Kisco parent. This logo was introduced at a schoolwide assembly, and this summer, thanks to the generosity of our parent association, MKESA, it was painted at center court of our gymnasium floor.


How to Register Your Child

  • Student Registration  

    If you are interested in enrolling your child, please call or visit our Central Registration Office in our Central Office on the Fox Lane campus at (914) 241-6005.