Mathematics Coordinator

Message from the Coordinator

  • The goal of the mathematics department is for students of mathematics to demonstrate much more than just procedural skill and fluency. Instead, they will embody the principles described in the Standards for Mathematical Practice: students are expected to achieve deep conceptual understanding, to demonstrate critical thinking skills, to make connections, to persevere in problem-solving, to apply their learning to solving problems in real-world contexts, to justify their reasoning, and to clearly communicate their mathematical thinking.

    The Common Core-aligned mathematics program at Fox Lane Middle and High School is designed to be rigorous, and it offers students the opportunity to engage in meaningful work that fosters the development and understanding of the content. More specifically, we employ instructional strategies that provide opportunities for students to improve their reasoning, sense making, and communication skills by working collaboratively to solve problems. The curriculum enables students to construct and interpret models while promoting a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. This dual focus on content and practices reinforces essential problem solving and critical thinking skills that students will need in the future.

Mathematics Program Overview

  • The BCSD Mathematics Program is grounded in Standards-based,

    State defined curriculum, through locally developed units of study developed by Bedford mathematics teachers. The following curriculum areas have well-defined units of study including content, skills, and assessments.

    • CC Algebra 1, Algebra 1A, and Algebra 1B

    • CC Geometry Honors, Geometry, and Quantitative Geometry

    • CC Algebra 2 Honors, Algebra 2, Algebra 2A and Algebra 2B

    • CC Pre-Calculus Honors and Pre-Calculus

    • College Algebra with Financial Applications

    • AP Statistics and Statistics

    • AP Calculus AB, BC (only College Board Curriculum), and Calculus for Business

    • AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, Intro to Computer Science and Computer Science