• science To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.

    -- Albert Einstein

Department Information

  • The Science and Technology Department believes that by fostering an understanding of STEM concepts and skills, we will enable our students to hold the key to the future. Our program challenges students to build a strong foundation in science and engineering through our middle school program, while our high school program offers an impressive suite of courses to continue their learning through core and elective courses, advanced courses, and college credit-bearing 4-course Engineering program.

    We are committed to designing student experiences in science and engineering that leverage a student's own innate curiosity and fascination with the world around them and draws on their individual interests, strengths, and learning styles. Students need to understand science not only to open up doors to potential careers but to navigate the world in which we live. As science teachers, we are in the business of preparing students to think critically, develop a firm grasp on technology and work towards understanding systems. We believe that science and engineering, above all else, must be fun, engaging, relevant, and interactive with the students take responsibility for their own learning. All of our programs integrate current technology to retrieve, process, and communicate information and as a tool to enhance learning. Finally, it is the goal of the Science Department that students will apply the knowledge and thinking skills of science and technology to address real-life problems and make informed decisions.

    Science Coordinator: 

    Mrs. Karyn Langke