• Social studies prepares the nation’s young people for college, careers, and civic life. Inquiry is at the heart of social studies, which involves interdisciplinary applications and integration of the arts and humanities. Social studies is composed of deep and enduring understandings, concepts, and emphasizes skills and practices as preparation for democratic decision-making.

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A message from the coordinator

  • Social Studies and Business Coordinator                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

     Dr. Jenny Olson, jolson0829@bcsdny.org 241-6032

    Social Studies and Business education are critical components in the education of our young students to make them active, engaged and productive citizens. I am very proud of the rich, engaging and “real world” education our students in Bedford are exposed to in the areas of both Social Studies and Business. As I like to say, “we prepare the students for the future by teaching them about the past.”

    By utilizing historical themes, social studies practices and the inquiry design model developed most recently by New York State; we have rewritten our Social Studies curriculum to meet all current state and national standards for the Social Studies. Also, we offer a wide variety of business courses in the areas of technology, marketing, accounting, finance and law and a full-time internship program for all the seniors at Fox Lane High School. The coordination and success of this program (ASPIRE) are one of our greatest accomplishments.

    Overall, this is a great time to be immersed in Social Studies and Business education and we are confident in our ability to help to prepare the next generation of global citizens.

Approach to Curriculum

  • Our Beliefs

    We believe that all students need to be challenged by a complex and rigorous curriculum. Our vision is that we will prepare students for the future by exposing them to both the challenges and victories of our past. Our mission is that we will help to mold students that can both think and question while contemplating the most important issues of our time. We strive to encourage independent thinking, the ability to construct an argument while utilizing evidence and the ability to discuss both historical and current topics with knowledge and expertise.

    Our Approach to Curriculum

    Through a developmentally appropriate approach, our elementary students in Bedford are introduced to important social studies concepts beginning with self, family, community, and the larger world with a goal of a deeper understanding of how people are interrelated within their environment. Students explore the impact decisions can have over time as they have shaped our history. As students progress through the grades, teachers build on previous concepts and stress the connections within the New York Social Studies Framework. This foundation lays the groundwork for students to see the world beyond themselves.

    Our middle school and high school ​Social Studies program uses a constructivist approach in which students develop their own understanding as they explore essential questions while applying historical evidence. Through the study of history, economics, and social science, we aim to create critical thinkers, life­long learners, and active and responsible citizens. Targeted student skills include: critical reading, essay writing, logical development of an argument using appropriate evidence, collaboration, oral communication and presentation. 

    Social Studies Curriculum Sequence

    • Grade 6 World History
    • Grade 7 United States History to Reconstruction
    • Grade 8 United States History post-Reconstruction
    • Grade 9 World History to 1750
    • Grade 10 World History post 1750-Advanced Placement option
    • Grade 11 United States History-Advanced Placement option
    • Grade 12 Economics and Government: courses include an integrated English and Social Studies seminar course, Public Policy and Economics courses

    Business Education Approach and Curriculum Sequence
    ​Business uses an authentic learning approach to instruction where course offerings prepare students with real-world 21st-century skills. From entry level to advanced courses, students hone abilities they will need for a lifetime including financial literacy, professional responsibility, computer literacy, and soft skills. The courses provide real life experience through business creation, marketing plans, resume creation, internships and more. The high school business curriculum is based on state standards.

    Courses Include:

    • Accounting-college level option
    • Sports Marketing
    • Business law
    • Managing Microsoft office
    • Money management
    • ASPIRE internship program-ALL seniors eligible


Points of Pride

    • A rich internship experience for all interested students in their senior year
    • A rigorous 6-12 grade curriculum with an integrated grade level team approach focusing on inquiry and project-based learning
    • Participation by all middle school students in levels of the National Geographic annual geography bee
    • An award-winning Model Congress
    • Open enrollment in Advanced Placement World History and Advanced Placement United State History with above average scores on all AP exams