A message from the Coordinator

  • The World Language programs offered at the Fox Lane Middle and High Schools serve as a core element of a child’s education. As the world around us continues to grow increasingly more accessible due to advancements in technology and travel, as well as an intertwined economy, the importance of being linguistically and culturally fluent has never been more important. In the World Language programs, we prepare students for the ever-changing world in which they will have a significant impact. An experiential focus is at the core of teachers’ efforts in developing linguistic skills in both native and subsequent languages. By fostering cultural understanding and expanding our students’ view of the world, we believe that students who culminate their language experiences are more prepared to enter the global society as global citizens.

    The World Language Department offers courses in French, Italian and Spanish. A seven-year sequence is available for students in French, Spanish and Italian, beginning in sixth grade at Fox Lane Middle School. Language courses range from beginner (linguistic proficiency), to advanced level courses intended to yield fluency. The course content in all languages has been developed in accordance with the New York State syllabus: Modern Languages for Communication. Using various communicative approaches, with emphasis on oral proficiency, efforts are devoted to developing the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Using culturally authentic materials based on everyday situations, students build literacy and develop the ability to communicate with increasing proficiency.

    Throughout the language course of study, students will be exposed to a variety of experiences, opportunities, instructional methodologies, and authentic learning experiences. Language learning is about so much more than content knowledge, but about the skills, experiences, and perspectives that result from the learning. Through learning new languages, our minds are able to make connections and build linguistic understandings that support literacy and fluency skills in all languages. It is therefore our mission to ensure that, regardless of one’s direction, language learning is accessible and attainable to all students as a core element of their secondary studies.


Our Beliefs

  • World Languages We believe that all students from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to acquire appropriately paced linguistic and cultural learning opportunities while sharing common experiences across languages and levels.

    We believe that language exposure is an integral and core component of a child’s educational experience. Through quality of instruction, collaboration, alignment, inquiry, and shared best practices, our students will be well prepared to enter a global society with literacy in the studied language(s).

    We believe that experiential learning should be emphasized with supplementary resources available to support student learning.

    We believe that language instruction should incorporate all three modes of communication and be geared toward the LOTE learning standards (5 Cs). 

    Our goals are to ensure that our students have a deep and enduring understanding of cultures, including their own, and to acquire functional proficiency in the target language(s). These competencies will provide our students with the ability to view the world through multiple lenses, participate fully and responsibly in the 21st century as global citizens, and contribute to our students’ college, career, and world-readiness. 

    -- New York State Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages

Points of Pride

    • NYS Checkpoint A Examination Passing Rate (Proficient) > 99.99%

    • NYS Checkpoint B Examination Passing Rate (Conversational) > 99.98%

    • AP Scores: 3.6 average score

    • Seal of Biliteracy awarded to students across all three languages
    • Many Students Travelling Abroad

    • Accelerated Programs in Each Language

    • Multiple Language Students Across Programs

    • Dedicated Spanish Language Arts Program

    • French / Italian / Spanish Clubs

    • Language Club