• Elementary Mathematics

    Math in Focus serves as the foundation of our K-5 mathematics program. Above all, Math in Focus is about problem solving. Based on Singapore's framework for mathematics, problem solving is at the center of the model, surrounded by skills, concepts and processes, along with attitudes (like perseverance) and metacognition (monitoring your own thinking and self-regulating learning). The approach to learning in this program is seqSingapore Mathematics Framework uenced to move students from understanding of 

    the CONCRETE moving to PICTORIAL then to ABSTRACTION, where the real power of mathematics resides. The key Singapore Math strategies include reinforcing mental math strategies, understanding the composition and decomposition of numbers through number bonding and solving problems through the use of a key, go-to approach called model drawing.  
    Below you will find a variety of resources--videocasts, handouts, supporting documents, links--that can help explain some of the key concepts in mathematics as they are currently being taught. Scroll to the bottom to access a variety of  as well. We hope to add to this collection over time. 


    Math in Focus Resources: Virtual Manipulatives

    Singapore Math Background Videos (click on the appropriate grade level):
                                            Grade K | Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4 | Grade 5 ...plus our own videocasts below...

Bar Modeling with Multiplication and Division

Subtraction with Regrouping (2nd-3rd Grade)

Bar Modeling with Addition and Subtraction

Multi-Digit Division (4th Grade)