Julianna Ferreira

    Julianna Ferreira, Pound Ridge Visual Arts Teacher


    Pound Ridge Elementary School, Mt. Kisco Elementary School


    All my life I have had a passion for the arts. Throughout childhood and into adulthood it has played a pivotal role in how I navigate and see the world. This never ending curiosity and passion for learning sparked my interest in sharing my passion for art with young learners through teaching. I aim to mentor students who will become lifelong learners by creating meaningful learning activities that provide multiple opportunities for student choice. As an art educator, it is my goal to guide students to realize their own unique skills, abilities and understanding of art and the world around us. As well as, assisting them to develop important skills that will transfer to experiences outside of the classroom. Teaching for artistic behavior is an instructional model that closely aligns with my personal philosophy of education and I believe encourages students to interact with art that is relevant to their personal interests and lives outside of the classroom. 

    In my own artistic practice I am constantly trying new things, learning more, and experimenting with materials and ideas.