Sheri Brown
  • Sheri Brown, Visual Arts Teacher at Mount Kisco Elementary School

    Mount Kisco Elementary K-5

    Enrichment, Interdisciplinary visual compliments to the classroom currriculum, Maker-space coordinator, PG & D committee, Mentor

    I taught DBAE to expose students to master artists. I was thrilled 6 years ago to discover teaching for artistic behaviors. (TAB) It is a true gift. For a child to be continually asking “Am I done? Is it finished?” and being able to replace it with being able to ask them questions about their own art and let them speak their own voice it is a gift. I think that art is one of the places where the student can come in and just be themselves. It is a place to see so much collaboration, building on ideas, problem solving. You see students come up against something and they can ask the teacher or friends. There is so many unexpected results. Students love that they can be independent learners and make their own choices. Even without the ability to always communicate verbally I see with students how they are able to shine using visuals. The need to make an expression and a mark of how we are seeing the world and incorporating art into the world is an essential part of being human. 

    Classroom Wishlist: Wood scraps, Ribbons, Buttons, little toys, ipads