Michael Hollick

    Michael Hollick, Visual Arts Teacher at Mount Kisco Elementary School


    Student choice, creative problem solving, and empowerment skill building are of the utmost importance in my art studio. As a strong advocate for TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior), I do not believe in setting up roadblocks to restrain my students’ ambitions. The feelings they capture, the materials they transform, and the narrative they convey are all up to them. By fostering an inclusive and accommodating space for all types of learners, my students can take artistic risks without fear of failure. Growing up with Dyslexia, art gave me power where words could not. Now, as an Art Educator, I create an environment where students of all kinds are respected and all voices are heard. Striving to always remember the human element, my lessons are designed to allow for as much free expression as possible. Students take an active role in their education by planning and implementing their projects with my guidance, knowledge, and support. Their pride speaks for itself when they display their work to peers through artist statements, class art shows, and presentations. Art does not exist in a bubble. My students inspire one another through creative understandings and innovative artmaking practices. I have seen how art can empower communities in my time teaching in schools and nonprofits all over the Hudson Valley. Which is why I enrich students’ art education by introducing them to contemporary and local artists they can relate to. Developing an understanding of not just how to think like an artistic professional, but also seeing the transformative power of art in their own lives. When leaving the studio, my students know the work they made represents their artistic vision, built with their own hands, and told with their honest voice; This is the power of student choice. In my own artistic practice, I combine recycled materials and 2D/3D mediums to make sculptures inspired by nature, folk tales, and science fiction.


    Nicole Goodrow



    Nicole Goodrow, Visual Arts Teacher at Mount Kisco Elementary School



    Kids are artists so let’s give them the space to create! My goal as an art educator is to make sure all of my students have a safe, welcoming, energetic, all inclusive art studio where they have full ownership over their artist process. Here at MKES your students will have the opportunity to experience all different types of art mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and clay! Along with these different mediums your students will engage in studio habits of mind. There are 8 studio habits:

    Engage & persist


    Develop Craft 

    Stretch & explore



    Understanding Art Communities 


    Each of these habits are an important part of having your students move into independence as an artist! The art studio is the home where TAB “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” comes to life with your students and where their growth as an artist thrives!