• The 2023-2024 Mount Kisco Elementary School Student Directory is live! Your help is needed to update your students contact information!

    Mount Kisco Elementary School's online directory is available online via Classroom Parent and can be accessed at mkes.classroomparent.com. Below you will find information on how to set up your account, review your information, and adjust your privacy settings.

    If your child is already in the directory from last year, you can make any changes to your information yourself in the online directory (except for Grade / Class). 

    If your child is in Kindergarten, a new student, or was not previously in the directory, we ask that you provide us with the following information: 

      • Student's Name
      • Parent's Name
      • Phone Number
      • Home Address
      • Email Addresses
      • Grade
      • Class
    Once you provide the information above to info@mkesa.org, then you will be able to register to access the site (per instructions below). Keep in mind, this is only necessary for new students (ie Kindergarten, new to MKES, or not previously in the directory).

    What do I need to do to create an account on Classroom Parent

    1. Your contact information, including email address, must already be in Classroom Parent and associated with a student that is currently enrolled at MKES.
    2. You need to register as a user.  Select “Register” in the upper right corner of the login page to go to the sign up form
    3. On the signup form, you will enter a login name and password of your choosing, along with your email address (must match what is already in the directory for you)
    4. If you need a new email added to access the system, please contact info@mkesa.org

    Review and update your information

    1. You are only allowed permission to edit your own information
    2. Search for your student either under “Classes” or in the “Search” bar
    3. Select the parent you want to edit and update their information

    How do I change my privacy settings?

    1. Once you have set up an account in Classroom Parent, search for your student, enter the Parent you want to edit
    2. Select “Edit” and scroll to the bottom of the edit page and change you “Information sharing level”

    How do I print out directory information? (We know many of you like a printed version)

    1. You may print the directory by Grade
    2. Choose a Grade (not “Classroom” but “Grade”)
    3. At the bottom of the list of students – select “Show Grade Directory”
    4. Print

    Benefits of Classroom Parent

    1. Because Classroom Parent is web based, you can access the directory wherever and whenever you have access to the internet
    2. You can easily and accurately maintain your own address, phone numbers, and email addresses so that MKES staff and parents have up-to-date contact information for you
    3. Reveal only as much information as you would like other parents to see while allowing administrators to view all details
    4. You can search the entire directory using first, last, or partial names making it easy to find the desired person, even if you only know a portion of their name

       Have a problem or issue with Classroom Parent? Email us at info@mkesa.org