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  • WINTER 2022-2023

    Fox Lane High School Guidance Newsletter 
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    College decisions are really starting to roll in! If a student was accepted through an ED program (yeah!) they will need to IMMEDIATELY withdraw from any other college that they submitted an application to. Most of the time this can be done through a school’s portal or by sending an email to admissions. 


    We know there are lots of highs and lows during this time, so students should make an appointment with their counselor as needed to discuss any decisions and future plans.


    If a student was deferred from an ED/EA school they should follow up with an email to the college, reiterating their strong interest in attending and they should include any updates – both academically and extracurricularly.


    Many deadlines have now passed, however for any remaining schools (January 1, 15, February 1, or Rolling) students should have completed transcript requests in Naviance at this point. Please also make sure that if it is a Common App college, that the student has also added it to their Common App account. We cannot submit materials unless they are listed on both Naviance and Common App.


    Seniors should also update Naviance with all admissions decisions. They should go into Naviance and click on the "edit" pencil to let us know what decision they received.  Students need to check their email regularly and often. We know this is challenging given the amount of information that is being sent through email. However, many schools will communicate with students via email. Additionally, students should create their application portal accounts for each college they applied to. Application portals will allow students to check the status of their application, and many schools will release admissions decisions through their portals.


    First quarter grades were sent in late-November to the colleges that our seniors applied to. Mid-year grades will be sent out automatically (there is no need to formally request) to all colleges in February... Senior grades do matter!


    In case you missed it…  below are the steps for applying for Financial Aid that were posted on the last newsletter.  

    1. Families are able to complete both the FAFSA and the CSS Profile beginning October 1, 2022. Deadlines for completion vary from college to college but October 1st is the universal start date.

    2. Families will use the “prior-prior” year’s tax returns to complete the FAFSA. This means that financial aid packages and scholarships will be based on 2021 tax returns. Students who are applying Early Decision, Early Action, or Priority will likely have a deadline for submitting financial aid forms by November. It is highly suggested that parents review every college’s financial aid and scholarship website as early as possible to ensure that all deadlines are met.



    FAFSA  (this form is required by all colleges)  

    CSS PROFILE  (this form is required by many but not all colleges)

    Colleges Requiring the CSS Profile

    Free SUNY Financial Aid Workshops   

    Free HESC Financial Aid Workshops


    The local scholarship packet will be available on the FLHS Guidance website in early January. The deadline to apply is February 1st. There will be a basket in Guidance to turn them in. No late applications will be accepted, so please apply early to avoid any last minute issues.



    Now that your child’s PSATs scores have been released on Naviance and on your child’s College Board account, we have attached a video which will walk you through understanding PSAT scores:  PSAT Video . Alternatively families can review this handout: Understanding your PSAT Scores .


    If they do not already have one, students should create a College Board account at  www.collegeboard.org  using the email address they used on their PSAT answer sheet (NOT their BCSD email). The scores should automatically be filtered into their account this way. Students are also encouraged to make a Khan Academy account at www.khanacademy.org using that same email address. Linking Khan Academy to their College Board account by following  these instructions  will customize free test prep for students based on their PSAT results (highly recommended!) .


    The Guidance Department will forward emails from test prep companies in our community. We have also compiled a list of local test prep companies that you can access on our website . Fox Lane High School does not endorse any particular test prep company. Families should discuss what options will work best for them. 


    As a reminder here are links for free SAT and ACT Prep:

    Free SAT prep (Khan Academy)

    Free ACT prep (Kaplan)


    SAT vs. ACT: Students should consult with their counselor to develop an individual standardized test plan, and should then register as soon as possible at either  www.collegeboard.org or at www.act.org depending on their plan. For an overview of the standardized testing options you can review this  Standardized Testing Handout .  


    Testing Accommodations: If you are approved for testing accommodations through the College Board, remember to enter your SSD number when you register. If you receive testing accommodations in school, and would like to request accommodations for the ACT, please email your counselor as per the ACT instructions after you register.


    Test Fee Waivers:  If you receive Free or Reduced Lunch please reach out to your counselor for a fee waiver.


    Junior college planning meetings will begin in mid-January. We will be sending juniors instructions on how to set up their individual meeting after the holiday break. Families are also encouraged to schedule a meeting (after a student's initial college meeting) with their counselor to walk through the college selection process. This can be in person or virtual, depending on your preference. Please see the Class of 2024  Timeline for all upcoming dates and events. 


    Families are encouraged to explore colleges and set up college visits/virtual experiences over the course of the next nine months. Please keep in mind:

    • Students are typically on college campuses until mid-May and then back again in late August 

    • Many families target the February and Spring breaks to begin their college visits


    Students should refer to college websites for details on campus visits, tours, and other information. Regardless if you make it to a campus in-person, it is still important for students to express interest to their prospective schools. Please refer to our handout on  Demonstrating Interest for guidance on how to connect with schools.


    Navigating the Transition to College for Students who Learn Differently
    December 7th at 6:30pm
    Learn about: Differences between high school and college supports, how to access accommodations, and what to ask in your college search
     Carin Horowitz, Transition Specialist at BCSD & Ferne Bork, Parent and Landmark College Representative
     Families & students with IEPs or 504s are welcome!
     Meeting Registration
     Zoom Meeting Link



    Senior group guidance has officially ended.  Seniors should continue to make individual meetings with their counselors as needed.  


    Throughout November and December counselors are meeting with their 9th graders in group guidance meetings covering topics related to: adjustment and transition, graduation requirements, study skills and extracurricular activities. 


    Junior group guidance will begin in January. Counselors will meet with their juniors in weekly group guidance sessions from January through April. Attendance is mandatory. We will cover all components of the college application process. Topics to include:

    • Standardized Testing/PSAT Review

    • What Colleges Look for in Students

    • Financial Aid

    • The College Visit and Virtual Opportunities

    • College Jargon

    • Naviance/Scoir

    • What are YOU Looking for in a College

    • Researching Colleges

    • The Application

    • Application Component Part 1: Recommendations

    • Application Component Part 2: The Essay

    • Application Component Part 3: Activity Sheet/Resume

    • Application Component Part 4: Interviews

    • Peppercorn University (Mock Admissions Committee)

    • Final Steps and Summer Checklist



    This spring we will meet with our sophomores in group guidance sessions. Topics for these sessions include: community service, extracurricular activities, creation of a resume, working papers,  an introduction to Scoir, post-secondary planning, career exploration, and academic/social/emotional check-ins.


    Does your student need help in one of their courses?  Or just want to improve?

    Here are some free academic supports :   

    After-school Help with Teachers :

    All FLHS teachers are available for after-school help at least 2 days a week.  Students should ask their teacher if they are unaware of their after-school days.  This is highly recommended for any student looking for extra help in a class.  


    National Honor Society Peer Tutoring :

    NHS Tutors are available to help students who are looking for additional academic support in math, science, English and social studies on Mondays and Wednesdays after school from 2:30pm to 3:30pm in the Library. Students interested in being tutored can attend the NHS tutoring sessions on either or both days, no registration required.


    FLHS Writing Center:

    FLHS teachers are available for help on any written assignment (does not need to be for English class) during lunch periods on several days.   Writing Center Schedule


    Spanish Club Tutoring:

    Need help in your Spanish class?  Come to the Spanish Club for help on Mondays from 2:30-3:30 in A109.


    Videos on Khan Academy for virtually any subject:  Khan Academy | Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

           SCHEDULING FOR 2023-2024

    The course selection process for the 2023-2024 school year will take place throughout the winter and spring. Here is a general overview of the course selection process:

    Winter 2022-23:

    • Release of 2023-24 Course Offerings

    • Initial Department Recommendations - each student will receive a recommendation from each teacher for courses for next year

    • Course Selection Days - students will select in each class which courses they might be interested in taking next year

    • Individual Meetings with Counselors - students will finalize their courses for next year with their counselor based on both teacher recommendations and student’s interests taking into consideration the total program for each student

    Spring 2023:

    • Course Requests posted on student/parent portals - families should review course requests for accuracy and potential changes

    • Deadline for students/parents to submit a request to override a department recommendation

    June 2023:

    • Placements are finalized

    August 2023:

    • Schedules are posted on portals

    To view current  classes and course descriptions, please view our Guidance / 2022-2023 FLHS Course Catalog.  Students will be sent information for the 2023-2024 school year when it becomes available. 

    Students who need help with their BCSD Chromebook or require other technical support should either access the Student Technology Help Desk in the Library during school hours or they should complete a Help Desk Ticket  here .
    Parents who are having issues with their parent portal should email 
    parenttechsupport@bcsdny.org .


    Only Key Dates are listed. For a full list of important dates by grade level, please consult the timelines located on the  Guidance website.

    Early December

    PSAT Results provided by the College Board for your review.  Scores will be released by the College Board in an electronic format in mid-December  (Juniors & Sophomores who took assessment)

    Early January

    Local Scholarship packet will be available online on the Guidance website.  Please follow directions carefully and adhere to deadlines (no extensions are granted)  (Encouraged - Seniors)


    Course Selection – Each student will have a “Course Information Week” followed by a “Course Recommendation Day” with each of their teachers.  Soon after, each student will meet with their counselor individually to select courses for the following school year  (Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors)

    January 11

    Junior Group Guidance begins; small group planning sessions are scheduled for students to better understand the college application process and to create a smart perspective college list  (Required - Juniors)

    January 20

    End of Quarter 2 / First Semester  (Senior mid-year grades will be automatically sent to all active applications)

    January 23

    Start of Second Semester Classes (All)

    January 31    

    Report Cards posted to portal (All)


    Families can schedule a college planning meeting  during the second semester of this academic year with their assigned counselor.  January meetings are suggested for families that are planning to visit schools during February break  (Encouraged - Juniors)

    February 3

    Add Deadline for second semester courses  (If applicable - All)

    February 10    

    Drop Deadline for second semester courses  (If applicable - All)

    February TBD 

    (13 or 14)

    PNW BOCES Tech Center visit  (Optional – Sophomores)

    February 20-24    

    February Break – Take a few days and  visit some colleges  (Encouraged - Juniors)

    March 30

    End of Quarter 3 (All)

    April 3-7

    Spring Break – Take a few days and  visit some colleges  (Encouraged – Juniors)  or attend  accepted student programs   (Encouraged – Seniors)

    * All dates are subject to change. For final dates, please refer to the online district calendar.




    Main Phone: 241-6082       

    Fax: 241-6064    

    Registrar: 241-6093

    Follow us on Twitter:


    The Guidance Department is made up of eight counselors and a Coordinator of Guidance. Counselors meet with students, both individually and in group classes, to work on academic, personal and social issues and to provide guidance to students as they prepare their academic programs and develop post-secondary plans.


    Kristin Brown 241-6191 kbrown0119@bcsdny.org 
    Karen Deitch 241-6190 kdeitch2944@bcsdny.org
    Lisa Dunne 241-6092     ldunne1250@bcsdny.org
    Greg Fedorczak (Hillside) 241-1106      gfedorczak3311@bcsdny.org
    Jen Hickey 241-6071     jhickey0597@bcsdny.org
    Rori Mackie (Coschigano) 241-6081     rcoschigano0231@bcsdny.org
    Steve Marcisz (Coordinator) 241-6053     smarcisz0679@bcsdny.org
    Jo-Ann Mullooly 241-6117     jmullooly4886@bcsdny.org
    Stephanie Sun 241-6180     ssun4570@bcsdny.org

    Winter 2022-2023