• BCSD Long-Range Facilities Plan

    The Bedford Central School District Board of Education is in the process of developing a Long-Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) for our District. This expansive process is about developing a plan for how our District can best utilize its resources to serve the academic, social and emotional needs of all our students, at all ages and all grade levels. The goal behind this process is developing a multifaceted plan that is fiscally responsible, responsive to changing factors and conditions, and provides a solid platform of educational opportunities to our entire student body.  

    The Board and Administration are currently conducting the due diligence necessary to responsibly develop the LRFP and prepare the District for the future. This due diligence includes reviewing and evaluating a number of reports from educational consultants, our Administration and staff, and our architects. Many of the requested reports are still in the process of being prepared. Throughout our review, we will engage you — our valued community —  as a key component in this process. We look forward to your constructive input as we develop the BCSD Long-Range Facilities Plan. 

    We recognize and understand the concerns that some community members have expressed, and we are committed to continuing to engage and listen to the public as this process moves forward and recommended options are presented to us in the coming months.

    As part of this multifaceted process, it is important to understand that the LRFP will be a District-wide strategic plan; it is not limited to the elementary schools. In addition to analyzing the three existing demographers’ reports, the District’s experts will also review and analyze the District’s building condition studies so that they take into account the current condition of each of our schools, including existing maintenance and capital infrastructure needs.

    It is an important responsibility of any board to prepare an organization for the future. Developing the LRFP provides an opportunity to evaluate all of our current programs and explore new opportunities. Our intent and mission is to ensure that Bedford schools offer innovative programs, that our buildings are properly maintained, and that our classrooms are inspiring for all Bedford Central students. Every day we strive to accomplish those goals.

    Bedford Central School District Board of Education

    Michael Bauscher, John Boucher, Jessica Cambareri, William Canavan, Colette Dow, Edward Reder, and Beth Staropoli