• Dear Fox Lane High School Community:


    Happy new school year!  We are excited to open the doors to our amazing school community to begin the 2023-24 school year.  In doing so the right way, in addition to the various opening-of-school communications, the purpose of this letter is to (1) emphasize the importance of student attendance, (2) renew our collective commitment to students being in school (everyday and on time), and (3) ask for your partnership in supporting consistent school attendance.  Success in school begins with being present in school!


    It is our expectation that these procedures will have minimal impact on the vast majority of our students.  It is important, however, that students and families are familiar with the protocols and expectations around student attendance at FLHS.  While some of the following information has been in place, there are various new protocols to support student attendance this year.


    Important Attendance Information:

    • Credit is earned for a complete unit of study.  Students must pass the class and not exceed 14 absences in a yearlong course or 7 in a semester course to earn credit. 

    • Should the student exceed 14 absences in a yearlong course, they may be subject to an attendance appeal process to determine if credit may be granted (7 in half year courses).

    • If a student is late to class, cuts class, or arrives late to school without permission, they may be subject to disciplinary measures.

    • Attendance notification letters are sent home at various intervals when the student has begun accumulating absences.

    • The ParentVUE system reflects up-to-date attendance information.  Unexcused absences will trigger a robocall and email following the school day.

    • Parents/Guardians should call the attendance office at 241-6059 or email the office at FLHSattendance@bcsdny.org to report their child’s absences from school for any reason.  The attendance email system is one-way communication and will not send replies. 


    There is a direct correlation between student achievement and attendance.  It is our expectation that students will attend all of their classes while in school.  Each unexcused absence (‘cut’) will be addressed.  In order for the student to understand the seriousness of the act, they will be subject to discipline.  Chronic lateness or cutting will result in a referral to the dean.


    Should a student’s accumulated absences exceed the maximum allowable number, and we do not have an active attendance appeal letter or documentation on file, a meeting may occur which can include the student, the parent, the teacher, the school counselor, and an administrator to review the student’s attendance and determine if credit may be awarded for the course.


    There are various circumstances that may warrant a review of a student's attendance.  Two such examples are as follows:


    • Your child has an ongoing medical situation which will predictably cause a large number of absences.  The parent/guardian should immediately contact their child’s guidance counselor and file an appeal (with documentation) with their child’s administrator.


    • Your child is taking part in an educational opportunity outside of the Bedford Central School District that will advance their studies but will result in a period of absence.  The parent/guardian should immediately contact their child’s guidance counselor and file an appeal (with documentation) with their child’s administrator.


    Please note:  If in the process of review, it is determined that the student has missed class due to ‘cutting’, they may not be eligible for an attendance appeal.  During the review process, if it is determined that the attendance is accurate, and that no extenuating circumstances warrant an appeal, then a notation of “E” will be recorded on the student’s permanent record/transcript (“E” = excessive absences) and the student will not receive credit for the course.  The student may be required to continue attending the class beyond the point of receiving an “E”.  If, at the end of the course, the student’s standing has improved, an attendance appeal may be revisited to issue credit.


    Please refer to the acceptable reasons and explanations for excused absences and school reassignments.  This information is printed in the student handbook (linked below).  (Reassigned absences do NOT count in the absence tally.  By law, they are reported in the total count on a student’s report card.)