BCSD Bond Project - Repair. Refresh. Reimagine
  • Dear Bedford Central School District Community,

    On May 17, 2022, our community will vote on a bond referendum to address repairs and improvements of building infrastructure for the health, safety and daily experience of all of our students, faculty and staff. Additionally, the referendum will provide funds for reimagined and modernized spaces for all students’ learning environments and fitness.

    Why now?

    The district manages seven schools: five elementary, one middle and one high school. The Fox Lane campus contains seven buildings and five fields. All of these spaces require regular maintenance and periodic replacements. District management conducted a Building Conditions Survey and identified the systems and structures that are nearing the end of their useful lives.

    In addition to our buildings needing updates and improvements, we are presenting these propositions now as previous debt is paid down, and on advice from our architects and bond advisors.

    This referendum includes significant architectural improvements to commonly used spaces on the Fox Lane campus: the middle school central building; middle school common classrooms for STEAM; the high school’s core first floor, library and cafeteria space; and fitness spaces. These are spaces that all students in our district will utilize and benefit from during their time in BCSD.

    If approved, Proposition One would upgrade the aging infrastructure of all of our buildings, as well as significantly reimagine and improve shared learning spaces on the Fox Lane campus. Proposition Two would provide air-cooling to the ‘A’ and ‘C’ wings of the high school. The total cost of all the renovations and improvement projects is $62.6 million paid over 15 years.

    We encourage you to educate yourself about this proposal by carefully reviewing our newsletter, this webpage and by attending community outreach meetings.



    Dr. Joel Adelberg, Superintendent of Schools

    John Boucher, Board of Education President

    Edward Reder, Board of Education Vice President

    Jessica Cambareri, Trustee

    Steven Matlin, Trustee

    Robert Mazurek, Trustee

    Beth Staropoli, Trustee

    Alexandra White, Trustee

    Community Meetings

    Please join our district parent organizations, local town leadership and members of our Board of Education at one of our upcoming community meetings to discuss the final bond scope. After a brief presentation, there will be an opportunity for community members to ask questions.  

    Please note that while each school association is hosting its own meeting, community members are invited to join as many meetings as they are able. 

    • 4/4/22 MKES cafeteria at 7:40 pm (includes Spanish presentation)
    • 4/5/22 Town of Pound Ridge Zoom at 8 pm 
    • 4/5/22 Town of Bedford Zoom at 8:45 pm 
    • 4/8/22 BVES Library Annex at 9:30 am  
    • 4/18/22 Boosters
    • 4/27/22 BHES Zoom at 7:00 pm 
    • 4/28/22 FLMS Zoom at 9:45 am
    • 5/2/22 Town of Mount Kisco, in-person and Zoom (more info to come) 
    • 5/3/22 PRES library at 11:30 am 
    • 5/9/22 WPES at 6:30 pm
    • FLHS TBD

    If you cannot make it to any of the meetings above, please know that more opportunities will be available in the future. For up-to-date information on the Bond Project, please be sure to check back often.

    Questions and feedback can be submitted via email to boe@bcsdny.org