• Transition Services

    What is Transition?

    Transition planning is a collaborative effort involving students, parents and the school team to plan for a student's exit from school into adulthood.  It involves identifying post-secondary goals in the areas of further education and training, employment and independent living, where appropriate.  Transition planning is an ongoing process that begins at age 12 for informal assessments, age 15 on the IEP, and continues until the student graduates or exits from high school.

    The process begins with a gathering of information on a student's strengths, preferences, interests and skills.  This information is the guiding force in developing transition goals.  These goals will help the team to determine what the student's transition needs may be while still in school.  It is expected that over time, a student's interests and preferences will change.  As interests change so will the goals and the transition services provided.

    Students are key members of the transition team.  They should be an active participant in planning and decision-making as much as possible.  We encourage all students to become strong self-advocates and will work with the student and family to facilitate that advocacy and self-determination.  

    As students move closer to their graduation from high school, the Transition Specialist will work more closely with them to assist with planning and readiness. The Transition specialist is available to assist students and families in connecting with community resources at any age. Some examples are OPWDD at any age  and ACCES-VR when in High School