• What is the Accessibility Team?

    The Accessibility Team is a multidisciplinary team composed of BCSD staff members with diverse expertise and experience, who strive to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals.  The Accessibility Team was created in the summer of 2023 in response to a growing awareness and commitment within the Bedford Central School District to prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for all.

    Our mission is to proactively remove barriers and create equitable access to school events, ensuring that every member of our community can participate in a meaningful way. Our goal is to enhance capacity within the district to seamlessly integrate inclusive event planning into the culture of our community. We have established a structured approach to event planning which will empower all staff, leaders, and community members to actively engage in and promote accessibility. 

    We aspire to be a model of inclusivity, where diversity is embraced, and everyone has an opportunity to engage in events and experiences.  

    Accessibility Team Members

    Toni Ann Carey, Director of Special Education
    Dana Keith, Interim Director of Special Education
    Michele Zaino, Secondary Coordinator 
    Deana Longden, Special Class Coordinator
    Kristina Carofano, Elementary Coordinator 
    Margaret Browning Barnickel, AT Coordinator
    Erica Rogan, UDL Coordinator
    Elise Halpin, Teaching Assistant, FLHS
    Erica Lofaso Maiorano, Physical Therapist, FLHS/FLMS/MKES
    Nicole Gillespie, Learning Specialist, WPES
    Kristin Messina, Occupational Therapist, FLHS/FLMS/BVES
    Sara Price, Learning Specialist, WPES