** Note: Pre-K registration is open for students selected through the District Lottery only. The deadline for registering for Pre-K is April 30, 2024 **


    We are excited to launch our online registration website through ParentVue for Kindergarten students registering for the 2024-2025 school year. 

    If you have an existing ParentVue account, you MUST use the same email address for online registration. 

    If you do not currently have a ParentVue account, you will be prompted to create one at the start of the online registration process. 

    Your child must be 5 on or before December 1, 2024 to register for Kindergarten. 

    Our online registration link will be open to all Kindergarten families. 

    * Students currently enrolled in one of our District Pre-K or CPSE programs do not need to be re-registered. *

    Please follow these steps to register your child:

    STEP ONE: Prepare by gathering the following documents

    1. Student ID – The student’s birth certificate (preferred), passport or baptismal certificate.

    2. Parent/Guardian Photo ID – A driver’s license or passport.

    3. Two Proofs of Residency - Must provide proof of residency and physical presence within the District – two forms of proof are required as per Policy 7130: Entitlement to Attend -- Age and Residency. Proofs must be dated and current, within the past 60 days.  

    Examples of acceptable documentation include, but are not limited to: 

      • Income tax forms, deed or lease, pay stub, voter registration document(s), driver's license, learner's permit, non-driver identification, utility bills, government-issued identification cards with the local address or membership documents issued by public agencies or entities where membership is based upon residency. Documents must be dated and current, within the past 60 days; and/or

      • A written statement by a third-party landlord, owner or tenant from whom the parent(s) or person(s) in parental relation leases or with whom they share property within the District. Statements must be dated and current, within the past 60 days; and/or 

      • A written statement by a third party, who is a resident of the District, relating to the parent(s)' or person(s) in parental relation's physical presence in the District. Statements must be dated and current, within the past 60 days. 

    If Applicable - If there is a Custody Decree or Order of Protection, please provide the appropriate legal documents.

    STEP TWO: Register Your Child 

    After you have read the instructions and gathered the documents in Step One, you are ready to complete the online registration form and upload your forms/documents.

    If possible, please complete your child’s Kindergarten registration between January 12, 2024 and February 9, 2024. Registering your child within this time frame helps the District plan for the coming school year.

    FYI - For Incoming Kindergarten Students Only: The District offers a Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE) Program. DLBE is housed at Mt. Kisco Elementary School, but kindergarten students zoned for any elementary school in the District may be opted into the program.

    Incoming Kindergarten Parents & Guardians - If you are interested in learning more about the Dual Language Program at MKES: Email or call Adrienne Viscardi, Director of ESOL Programs at (914)241-6080, or Inas Morsi-Hogans, Principal of MKES at (914) 666-2677 - or visit the District‘s DLBE webpage: https://www.bcsdny.org/Page/90, or MKES’ website: https://www.bcsdny.org/Domain/249 

    Use this link to access the Online Registration packet: https://ny-bcsd.edupoint.com/PXP2_OEN_Create_Account_Privacy_Parent.aspx

    After entering and uploading your information, scroll to the bottom of the screen. Check the box as prompted and click “Submit”:

    Click “OK” to confirm that you are ready to submit your child’s registration documents:

    This notification indicates that your child’s registration was successfully submitted:

    Once you’ve completed the online registration process and submitted all required documents you will receive an email confirming that your registration has been received. 

    * If you have any questions about the online registration process or if you need a printed/paper copy of the registration packet, please contact the registrar at 914-241-6107 or 914-241-6005 to pick up a paper copy. Paper copies may also be picked up at any elementary school or the Administration Building on Fox Lane Campus.*