Withdrawing from BCSD Schools

  • If you are planning to enroll your child in a private school, or move to another school district, you must:

    1. Notify the school(s) your child/children currently attend.
    2. Fill out a Withdrawal Form for each child (linked below).
      1. Complete the entire form, be sure you include:
        • the name of the school your child will be attending and contact information if you have it,
        • last date of attendance in BCSD, 
        • parent/guardian signature.
    3. Submit the completed Withdrawal Form:
      1. For students in grades PreK-8, email or send the form to Katy Mooney:
        • Email: kmooney4932@bcsdny.org
        • Address: Central Administration Building, BCSD, PO Box 180, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549
      2. For students in grades 9-12, including Hillside and GED/BOCES programs, email or send the form to Patty Cord: