School Bus Routes and Stops

  • The policy of the Board of Education provides transportation for all resident students living more than one-half mile from the school they attend.

    The goal of route scheduling shall be to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses consistent with rendering reasonably equitable service to all students. 

    Routes will be designed to employ, as nearly practicable, the full carrying capacity for each bus route. Every attempt will be made to keep bus routes to a length of no longer than 60 minutes. 

    Bus routes shall be established over the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those students entitled to transportation.  Buses will be routed on roads that are maintained by town highway departments unless the lack of maintenance makes it unsafe for drivers and students to be traversing these roads.  Examples of unsafe conditions are flooding, road erosion, fallen trees/power lines, ice, snow and mud.  Buses will not be routed on roads that have not been dedicated and/or maintained by town, county and/or state highway departments (private roads).  Turn-arounds will not be established unless adequate space is available to turn around without backing up.  Generally speaking, cul-de-sacs, dead end streets and loop streets will not be serviced by school buses. 

    Authorized bus stops will be located at convenient intervals in places where students may be loaded and unloaded, cross highways and await the arrival of buses with the utmost safety allowed by road conditions.  Numbers of students at bus stops will be varied according to the concentration of riders in the area, the degree of traffic, the presence of stop signs, speed limits and bus turn-around requirements.  Whenever possible, bus stops will be at the intersections of two streets.  

    Students are expected to ride their assigned buses and get on/off at their assigned bus stop.  Students should arrive at their assigned bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

    If a student needs to ride a different bus on a particular day, a written request to use a different route or stop must be submitted to the school, signed by the parent/guardian, for approval by the principal.  Students are not permitted to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop without written permission.  Telephone requests are not acceptable.

    If a permanent change is to be requested, this must be done in writing directly to the Transportation Department.  This does not include address changes.  Any change in address must be done through the Central Registrar, Mary Lou Cavaliere at (914) 241-6005.

    Our bus drivers have been instructed that it is our policy NOT to let kindergarten students off of the school bus unless there is an adult to meet them.  If your kindergarten student is going to be met by someone other than a parent/guardian, we will need written authorization indicating who is permitted to meet your kindergarten student at the bus stop. If your kindergarten student is permitted to be met by an older sibling, that sibling MUST be at least 6th grade or older.  Kindergarten students that are not met at the bus stop as required will be returned to their elementary school office at the end of the route.

    Generally speaking, students in grades 1 through 5 will be let off of the bus WITHOUT an adult to meet them.  If you would like to request that a student in grades 1 - 5 NOT be permitted to get off of the school bus unless there is an adult to meet them, you MUST send this request in writing to the Transportation Department.  Please indicate who is permitted to to receive your student.  Students that are not met at the bus stop as specified will be returned to their elementary school office at the end of the route.


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