Safety Information

  • Please discuss the following safety rules with your children. 

    1.   The bus driver is in charge of the bus, follow the driver's instructions.

    2.   Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

    3.   Wait for the bus in a safe place away from the road. Respect the property around your bus stop.

    4.   Always cross 10 feet in front of the bus.  Look both ways before crossing the street.  Walk while crossing the road.  DO NOT RUN.

    5.   Do not push on or near the bus.  Do not run to or from the bus.

    6.   Always remain seated while riding the school bus.  Do not yell or make loud noises, it may be distracting to the driver and casue a hazard.

    7.   Students are encouraged to wear seat belts.

    8.   Do not eat, drink or litter on the bus.

    9.   Do not put any part of your body, arms etc. out the window.  This is dangerous.

    10.  Never throw anything out of the bus windows.

    11.  Participate in the emergency bus drills throughout the year.  Follow these procedures when necessary.

    Please instruct your children to be very alert to traffic as they get on and off the bus.  Even though your child may follow all of the safety rules, a motorist may pass a stopped school bus.  Your children's awareness of traffic may prevent a serious situation.