Advisory Committees

  • 2023-2024 Community Advisory Committee Information 

    The Bedford Central School District is announcing the “All Call” for membership on the District’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC). If you have a willingness to volunteer and possess interest, experience, or expertise in a particular area, we invite you to apply. Community members may serve on only one Advisory Committee at a time. Members will be chosen to represent all constituent groups of the school community for a balanced representation of the District. Applications are due by September 19, 2023, after which date applicants will be notified. 

    Board advisory committees are charged with providing advice when the Board reviews policy, resolutions, and direction on a particular topic or district function. When any district advisory committee is developed, we strive to get a broad representation from across our district and our community; however, that is to get varied perspectives, not to enlist individuals as representatives. All members on committees will participate as individuals and not be expected to speak for or officially represent the opinions of any specific group or affiliation.