Sport Offerings

  • Bedford Central School District

    Department of Health, Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics

    Mr. Adam Lodewick,  Director


     Curriculum Coordinator for Health and Physical Education

    Mr. Joseph Klausz





    Fox Lane High School Sport Offerings





    Cheerleading              -Varsity, JV

    Cross Country/Boys      -Varsity

    Cross Country/Girls      -Varsity

    Dance                          -Varsity

    Field Hockey               -Varsity, JV

    Football                       -Varsity, JV

    Soccer/Boys                -Varsity, JV

    Soccer/Girls                -Varsity, JV

    Swim & Dive/Girls       -Varsity

    Tennis/Girls                -Varsity, JV

    Volleyball/Boys            -Varsity, JV

    Volleyball/Girls            -Varsity, JV

    Basketball/Boys       -Varsity, JV

    Basketball/Girls       -Varsity, JV

    Cheerleading           -Varsity, JV

    Dance                     -Varsity

    Ice Hockey/Boys      -Varsity

    Ice Hockey/Girls      -Varsity  

    Ski/Boys                   -Varsity            

    Ski/Girls                     -Varsity

    Special Olympics      -Pioneer Team

    Swim & Dive/Boys    -Varsity

    Track-Indoor/Boys      -Varsity

    Track-Indoor/Girls       -Varsity

    Wrestling                      -Varsity, JV


    Baseball                   -Varsity, JV, Freshman

    Golf/Boys                  -Varsity

    Golf/Girls                   -Varsity

    Lacrosse/Boys             -Varsity, JV

    Lacrosse/Girls             -Varsity, JV

    Softball                      -Varsity, JV

    Special Olympics         -Pioneer Team

    Tennis/Boys                -Varsity, JV

    Track & Field/Boys          -Varsity

    Track & Field/Girls          -Varsity

    Unified Basketball/Bowling        -Varsity