Modified Athletics Grades 7-8/FLMS Intramurals

  • Fox Lane Middle School Sport Offerings

    Intramural Sports Program:  Intramural sports coincide with activities being offered in class. A packet including a permission slip is sent home with each student in September. Intramurals are offered THREE days after school from 2:30-3:15p.m. on designated days. They are open to all students who are interested, except for athletes who are participating within a modified sports season. One signed parent permission slip that states “all” can serve for the entire year's program. Students will receive a flyer early in the school year announcing the intramural schedule.  If your child stays for an after school sport, he/she must report to a supervised area designated by the coach. Students may not be unsupervised before practice.  

    Fall Intramural –

    Coach Peterson

    Dates:  9/11/18-11/01/19

    Winter Intramural – 

    Coach Racanelli

    Dates:  12/10/19-2/28/20

    Spring Intramural – 

    Coach Peterson

    Dates:  3/23/20-5/15/20

    Flag Football on Mondays

    Tennis on Tuesdays

    "Your Choice" Fitness or Track on Thursdays

    Fitness Club on Tuesdays

    Basketball on Thursdays


    Ultimate Frisbee 


    Modified Sports (Interscholastic): The Modified Sports Program will enable middle school teams to compete on an interscholastic level. Unlike intramurals, these are competitive teams and will require a process for students to be cleared in order to participate. Only 7th and 8th grade students are eligible to play a modified sport.


    Fall Modified sports begin on Wednesday, September 3, 2019.

    Online registration must be completed by August 26th to be eligible to play.



    Winter Modified sports begin on Monday, November 18, 2019.

    Online registration must be completed by November 15th to be eligible to play.



    Spring Modified sports begin on Monday, March 16, 2020.

    Online registration must be completed by March 13th to be eligible to play.


    Cross Country/Boys

    Cross Country/Girls

    Field Hockey












    Track & Field

    If you are interested in signing up your child for modified sports, please do the following:

    We are currently using an online sports registration process to make sign-up easier for our BCSD families.  For now, please follow the steps below:

    1)  Complete the online sports registration process through Family ID.       

    2) To participate in sports, a yearly physical is required.  They are offered at school by our school doctor, or you can have a private physical. 

    3)  If your child has a physical from a private physician, the below health form must be completed by that physician and given to the school nurse or uploaded to Family ID.

    Health Exam Form

    4) Athlete must meet NYS Guidelines (number of practices) before they can compete in a scrimmage or game.

    5) This document explains FLMS student’s academic eligibility to play intramurals or modified sports. 

     FLMS Academic Eligibility



    For more information, please go to

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