Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE)

What is Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE)?

  • DLBE is a two-way, dual language, side-by-side, 50/50 immersion model:

    Generally speaking, the program is largely comprised of two groups, each coming from households where one of two languages is dominant.
    dual language: 
    Academic content is taught in two languages (English and the partner language, Spanish)
    Instruction is delivered in different "zones." The classrooms are typically side by side. The English zone teacher delivers instruction in English, and the Spanish zone teacher delivers instruction in Spanish. Fidelity to the language of instruction in the zone is critical to the success of the program.
    English and the partner language are used for 50% of instruction.
    A dual language program is synonymous with a dual immersion program. In an immersion program, at least 50% of content instruction is delivered in the partner language.
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DLBE Parent Advisory Team with Joe Torres on WABC-TV