Special Education / Clinical Team

  • BCSD Special Education Department
    Learning Resources Directory 

    To leave a message for a teacher, please dial 241-6000 then extension.

    Name Title Extension Email 
    Michele Zaino Coordinator of Secondary Special Education 6159 mzaino1866@bcsdny.org
    Deana Longden Coordinator of Special Class Programs K-12 6113 dlongden1674@bcsdny.org
    Walter Appelle Learning Specialist 6591 wappelle0031@bcsdny.org
    Chrissy Bucci Learning / Reading Specialist 6411 cbucci4016@bcsdny.org
    Karen Hoferichter   Learning Specialist 6514 khoferichter1328@bcsdny.org
    David Horn Learning Specialist   6570 dhorn4594@bcsdny.org
    Kerry Mammola Learning Specialist 6707 kmammola4103@bcsdny.org
    Dr. Tony Monchinski   Learning Specialist / KEA 6060 tmonchinski0775@bcsdny.org
    Kayla Mullaney Learning Specialist     6491 kmullaney4612@bcsdny.org
    Tricia Occhicone-Curcio Learning Specialist     6554 tocchiconecurcio1860@bcsdny.org
    Kieran O'Gorman   Learning Specialist 6574 kogorman2100@bcsdny.org
    Carolyn O'Leary Learning Specialist     6432 coleary5029@bcsdny.org
    Mary Downes Learning Specialist 6121 mdownes0322@bcsdny.org
    Jane Singh Learning Specialist 6487 jsingh2119@bcsdny.org
    Janine Slachmuylder   Learning Specialist 6543 jslachmuylder1035@bcsdny.org
    Dana Malone Gold  Bridges Teacher 6330 dgoldmalone2240@bcsdny.org
    Hanan Abdulla   Speech Language Specialist 6455 habdulla4860@bcsdny.org
    Magdallini Villani   Speech Language Specialist 6468 mvillani4534@bcsdny.org
    Erica Lofaso   Physical Therapist 1815 elofaso3869@bcsdny.org
    Kristin Messina   Occupational Therapist 6341 kmessina4239@bcsdny.org
    Dannielle Kealy   Occupational Therapist   5553 dkealy4887@bcsdny.org
    Dr. Alyssa Kant School Psychologist 6178 akant2166@bcsdny.org
    Laura Elwood School Social Worker  6079 lelwood1527@bcsdny.org
    Dr. Jennifer Fields School Psychologist 6164 jfields1838@bcsdny.org
    Diana Binger  School Social Worker    6078 dbinger4579@bcsdny.org
    Dr. Mary Jean Macdonald School Psychologist / KEA 6060 mmacdonald0660@bcsdny.org
    Mary Cordero   Learning Specialist / Foundations 6193 mcordero3173@bcsdny.org
    Brigida Smythe   Learning Specialist / Transitions  6546 bsmythe4149@bcsdny.org