After School Help

  • All teachers provide after-school help two days per week from 2:25-3:05.  Teachers post the days they stay in their classrooms.  If your child is struggling in any content area, teachers will recommend this support for your child.  The opportunity for this support is open to all students, whether teacher directed or not.  Students are to sign up for after-school help during the school day in the subject area classes.  Students who will miss after school help to attend a club meeting must contact the teacher to say they will not be attending.

    After-school help is to take precedence over participation in other after school activities.  Students should attend after-school help and, when finished, join their after school activity without penalty.  Students are permitted to go to a practice or rehearsal after they attend a help session as long as they have a pass from the teacher certifying that they came to after school help.

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