Human Resources



    Welcome to the

     Office of Human Resources 


    The Bedford Central School District's Department of Human Resources provides all employees with a wide range of services. We believe that every member of the school district community contributes to "Inspiring and Challenging Our Students," we are committed to filling each vacancy with people who will collaborate to create a climate and culture that supports each student's learning and growth.


    Whether you are a current or prospective employee, we are here to answer your questions.



    Ms. Marci E. Tiggs

    Director of Human Resources



      Mrs. Anne Marie Bazyk

    Executive Assistant for Human Resources

    Certified Staff, Coaches, and Interns

    (914) 241 - 6019



      Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh

    Personnel Assistant

    Classified Staff

    (914) 241 - 6179




    Ms. Anna DeAngelis

    Assistant to Ms. Marci E. Tiggs


    (914) 241 - 6175