2019-2020 Building Goals

Goal #1
  • Mount Kisco Elementary School is now more than a neighborhood school in the Bedford Central School District.  We are a district-wide, Dual Language Bilingual Education School of Choice with over 470 kindergarten through fifth grade students.  We are the largest elementary school in the Bedford Central School District. We are a Title 1 school.  Public schools receive Title 1 funds which help ensure that all children achieve proficiency and allow us to upgrade educational programs to improve achievement for all learners.  40% of our students receive mandated instruction and/or testing accommodations in English as a New Language or a Second language.

2018-2019 Goal #2
  • Children are developing their reading and writing skills through a balanced literacy approach using explicit teaching of letters, sounds and making meaning of words in fiction and nonfiction text.

2018-2019 Goal #3
  • We teach our children some terms of engagement during different times of the day and in different spaces in their school. This will help students understand that we are unified with our goals and expectations and will ultimately improve and elevate our attitudes and behaviors.

2018-2019 Goal #4
  • This will become a space in our school that will provide students and staff the opportunity to develop physical fitness, self-confidence, stress management, gross motor skills, coordination, and balance while focusing on nutrition education and mindfulness. The big picture is for the MKES students and staff to have an enriched experience to help learn and understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Goal #5
  •  Our MKES school garden has become a true community space.  In addition to MKES students engaging in 6-week cycles of learning under the leadership of Dr. Susan Rubin, we also had FLHS AVID students use their Worm Warriors project to rescue food scraps and fertilize lettuce plants.  Our local fire department fills the tank, parent volunteers water the garden, Michaels’s Garden Gate nursery donates seeds and plants, the Pollinator Pathway project is helping to sustain some of our native plants, summertime produce goes to families in need via the Interfaith Food Pantry in an effort to improve food insecurity in our community, Mt. Kisco.