The Arts

  • "All Arts for all children"

    The Bedford Central School District's Visual and Performing Arts Department is committed to providing an arts education that prepares students for an aesthetically enriched adulthood in a culturally diverse society.

    Creating, performing and responding to the arts are essential to the well-rounded education of all children and vital to full human development. 

    Uniquely, the study of music, art, theatre and dance carries its own set of technical skills, academic content and thought processes.  These skills increase critical thinking ability, concentration, self-discipline and cooperative learning.  The result is an overall student achievement.

    Our faculty is committed to a quality Arts education for each and every child.

BCSD Golden Circle
  • Outrageous Ornament Exhibit

    Studio Art students visiting the Outrageous Ornament Exhibit at the Katonah Museum of Art.

  • Narrative Artwork by Studio Art student Gerson Miguel Pascual

    Collage by Studio Art student Gerson Miguel Pascual.

  • Still Life Drawing with painting and drawing students.

    Still Life with Painting and Drawing classes.

  • SAIL Artists

    SAIL artists painting.