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    The Board of Education, as a legally constituted body of elected representatives, bears the responsibility of setting policy for the school district. The Board acts in accordance with authority and responsibility vested in it by federal and state laws, rules, and regulations on behalf of the district's citizens.

    In order to ensure that its educational programs provide all students with a high-quality education, the Board hereby establishes as its basic operational goals:

    1. To work closely with the community to ensure that Board actions and performance take into consideration the concerns and aspirations of the community;

    2. To identify the educational and technological needs of the community and industry to ensure that such needs are transformed into programs aimed at stimulating students and preparing them for futures careers.

    3. To employ a Superintendent of Schools capable of ensuring that the district maintains its position as an outstanding school system and that school personnel carry out the policies of the Board with energy and dedication;

    4. To provide leadership in order that goals and objectives of the district, as set forth by the Board, can be effectively carried out. With respect to goals and objectives, Board action should be confined to policy-making, planning and appraisal with the Board delegating authority to the Superintendent for the implementation of policies; and

    5. To evaluate the Board's performance in relation to these goals, and to establish and clarify policies based upon the results of such evaluation.