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  • message from our principal

    Middle school students are enthusiastic learners who are excited to be in an environment that allows them to grow independently while nurturing their academic and social needs. They are more aware of understanding the purpose of learning and fostering relationships in cooperative groups or in social environments. Their own self-discovery of what it means to evolve into an adolescent is supported by the caring, nurturing faculty and staff at Fox Lane Middle School.

    Fox Lane Middle School has three small schools (houses), within a larger school, which provides the supportive environment necessary to meet the needs of individual students, while allowing students to be part of a greater school community. We believe that this team approach creates the perfect learning environment for adolescents.

    I am honored and privileged to work with a faculty and staff that chose to be middle school educators because of our students' unique, engaging, and complex personalities. Our parent community is also supportive of the school and we are grateful for their belief in our work. The home-school connection is one that we respect.

    Of course, Fox Lane Middle School wouldn’t be this wonderful school without the fabulous students. We are honored to be part of their educational journey through the Bedford Central Schools.

    Please take the time to visit our website. This is the place where you can find information about our wonderful school and the outstanding professionals that serve our students every day. If you would like to visit the school or receive more information, please feel free to email or call.

    Mary Harrison

FLMS Administration

Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision - We envision the Bedford Central Schools providing an environment which builds the foundation for life-long learning and responsible citizenship.

    Our Mission -

    • We are dedicated to academic excellence, inspiring creativity, and the realization of one’s full potential through equal access to educational opportunities for all students.
    • Our schools foster the development of positive interpersonal relationships and self-esteem within a safe and secure environment.
    • Our schools are places where all are treated with mutual respect and empathy, encouraged to act responsibly, and contribute in their own way as valued members of the community.
  • This school is dedicated to each pupil who enters...that each may discover his own talent for learning, for growth, and for service (November 6, 1966).

    The founders of Fox Lane Middle School recognized that middle school is not simply a link between elementary school and high school, but rather a critical phase in the development of young adolescents. They understood that middle-level educational programs that are most successful capitalize on the unique characteristics and needs of middle-level students and serve two purposes: academic excellence and personal/social development. Hence, the rich tradition that is Fox Lane Middle School was grounded in the Turning Points principles for middle-level education:

    • Teach a curriculum grounded in rigorous, public academic standards for what students should know and be able to do, relevant to the concerns of adolescents and based on how students learn best.

    • Use instructional methods designed to prepare all students to achieve higher standards and become lifelong learners.

    • Staff middle grades schools with teachers who are expert at teaching young adolescents, and engage teachers in ongoing, targeted professional development opportunities.

    • Organize relationships for learning to create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community of shared education purpose

    • Govern democratically, through direct or representative participation by all school staff members, the adults who know the students best.

    • Provide a safe and healthy school environment as part of improving academic performance and developing caring and ethical citizens.

    • Involve parents and communities in supporting student learning and healthy development.

    The mission for Fox Lane Middle School remains as true today as it did in 1966.

Student Registration

  • student registration To register your child, please contact our District Registrar at 914-241-6107. The Registrar will provide you with a registration packet. Once the documents are completed, contact the Registrar to schedule an appointment to come in to complete the registration process. Once your child is registered, an intake appointment will be set up for you and your child to meet with one of our Fox Lane Middle School counselors. At that time, the counselor will answer any questions you or your child may have and also work out a schedule of classes.