• Cooperation  Accountability  Respect  Effort

    C.A.R.E.s is the PRES school-wide positive behavioral support system that encourages students and staff to care for themselves, others, and the school wide community.

    C.A.R.E.s highlights four key components of positive behavior:

    Cooperation: We work together and help each other.  

    Accountability: We all do our part. We do what’s expected. We take responsibility for our words and actions.

    Respect: We take care of each other and our building.

    Effort: We always try our best.

    PRES CARE Program Flyer 2018-19

    Living the C.A.R.E. Values

    Through C.A.R.E.s, we encourage a nurturing school climate by promoting pro-social behavior, increasing learning time, and teaching positive social skills.  PRES students are involved in weekly classroom meetings, spirit days, round of a “PAWS,” community rocks, and monthly assemblies.  We welcome contributions and participation from the greater Pound Ridge community as well.  Please feel free to contact us with your C.A.R.E.s ideas!

    A Round of A “Paws”

    Students who demonstrate "CARE" behaviors in school towards others will earn a "round of a paws" and their act of kindness will be announced on the morning announcements. Students can fill out a form acknowledging when another classmate, teacher, or peer has demonstrated one of the CAREs principles. Noticing acts of caring and kindness in others is the first step in building a considerate and empathetic community.

    CARES rocks

    Community Rocks

    During the first week of school, all PRES students participated in a community building activity where they painted individual CAREs Rocks for our CAREs program. When a PRES student is Caught Caring they will choose a rock to place out in the community to bring a little art and beauty into the lives of others! Whenever you see a painted rock hidden in the community somewhere it is a sign that a random act of kindness at PRES has been committed.